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This quiz is all about the Harry Potter spells. In this quiz you have 13 questions to answer and each of them are different. I asked not so hard but not so easy spells!

If you watched the Harry Potter movies or read the Harry Potter books and you think that you know some spells than you must try this quiz. Let’s see your Wizarding World Spells level!

Created by: Severus Snape7
  1. Let’s start with an easy one, What spell is Alohamora?
  2. What is Wingardium Leviosa? (or should I say LeviosAR 😅)
  3. What is Petrificus Totalus spell?
  4. Avada Kedavra spell? easy - peasy
  5. What spell is Expelliarmus?
  6. What is the incantation of The Memory Charm?
  7. What is the incantation of The Water-Making Spell?
  8. What does Everte Statum do?
  9. What does Immobulus do?
  10. Does Relashio spell forces the target to release its grip on whatever it is holding?
  11. True or False: Ebublio causes the target's ears to shrivel up.
  12. True or False: Fiendfyre is the incantation of a curse that produces enchanted flames.
  13. Who used Accio spell first?

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