Do You Know Your Spells?

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Lets see if you can pass my test of spells in the Harry Potter world. This quiz has 20 questions all very simple and complex. The first ten questions talk about the spells and give you a bit of history on them the next ten talk about there history( hope you find my trick๐Ÿ˜‰)

Do you think you know your spells? Did you pay attention enough to take my test? If so take my quiz and try to answer my questions, and find my trick. Best of luck!๐Ÿ˜‰

Created by: Rue
  1. Only Wingardium Leviosa can do this. So what does it do?
  2. Colloportus locks doors so what does Alohamora do?
  3. Only Duro can do this, so what does duro do?
  4. There are many spells that have the capability of what Lumos can do, so what can Lumos do?
  5. Dumbledore used this spell in the ministry in OP to protect Harry what does Prior Incantato do?
  6. Tom Riddle was the first to use Flagrate, what does the spell do?
  7. There are many other spells that can do what Protego can do, so what can Protego do then?
  8. No one knows if Diprimio can kill, so what does Diprimio do?
  9. The spell Cantis was not used in the movies, what does Cantis do then?
  10. No other spell know does what Erecto can do, so what does it do?
  11. Wingardium Leviosa levitates things, is there any other spell that can do that?
  12. Aloamora unlocks doors, what charm locks doors?
  13. Duro turns the target to stone, does Duri also do that?
  14. Prior Incantato makes status come to life, when was this spell first used?
  15. Flagrate allows you to makes fiery marks or write with it. Who is the first to use it?
  16. If Protego is a shield charm, is there any other spell that can cast shields as well?
  17. Lumos produces light. Can any other spell/s do that?
  18. Diprimio put immense of pressure on target. Can this kill someone when used on them?
  19. Cantis makes people burst into song. Did any one use this spell in the movies?
  20. Erecto erects/ builds/ puts up tents and other structures, so does buildus do the same thing?

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