how well do you know Harry potter spells?

Hello there, my name is Huzni..hope you are feeling well.. my first question is , are you a true Harry Potter fan and an exceptional attention payer who knows every nook and corner of Harry's magical world ? well, you might be or else why would you choose this..Anyway this quiz is about the spells and their uses..

BUT, there is always a BUT, so do you think that you know about the entire set of spells ever casted in Harry Potter? can you at least score 50% in this toughest quiz about the world of HP? Do you? well... brace your selves course you are about to know I a few minutes...!!!

Created by: HM
  1. OK.. lets start with the easy ones ..what does expelliarmus do?
  2. which of these is classified as an 'unforgivable' curse?
  3. the killing curse is.....
  4. Accio is the ...
  5. which of these is a HP spell?
  6. Alright..enough with the easy ones.. lets do some hard ones. .what is the charm used to conjure the dark mark?
  7. which of these is a protection charm??
  8. the signature spell of Ginny Weaaley is..
  9. levicorpus is a nonverbal spell used to..
  10. aguamenti is a charm to
  11. which of these spells were invented by Snape..
  12. which of these spells were invented by Snape..
  13. ridickulus is the charm repel a
  14. okay final question, did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry potter spells?