How Well Do You Know the Harry Potter Spells?

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This quiz will test your knowledge on the Harry Potter spells, good luck! Do you know your spells? There are ten spells on this quiz, some are easy and some you might find difficult! Only a truly prepared wizard can answer all ten correctly!

Would you succeed at Hogwarts? One important topic is spell knowledge, so are you ready to get quizzed on it? Hopefully you are prepared to ace your exams! But you may need to study more...

Created by: Allison land
  1. Let's start with something easy "alohomora"
  2. Lumos
  3. Obliviate
  4. Episkey
  5. Incendo
  6. Nox
  7. Accio
  8. Heptonox
  9. Oculus Reparo
  10. Petrificus totalus.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Harry Potter Spells?