Harry Potter Spells

This is a test to see if you're good at basic spells. only few people out there know all the spells and memorize them. It's a fun quiz free to the public.

Do you know what the spells are? If you do, Five Points To Gryffindor! Now let see if you can answer 100% on this test. It's quite easy. so let's see if YOU can memorize the basic spells.

Created by: Evan

  1. What spell puts out light from the lumos spell?
  2. What does incendio do?
  3. what color does Petrificus Totalus spray out?
  4. Is there a spell that can make food appear?
  5. What spell lifts things?
  6. Who casts Wadawassi?
  7. How do you spell the pushing spell?
  8. how many spells start with W?
  9. How many unforgivable curses are there?
  10. does Harry's wand ever break?

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