Harry Potter sorting hat quiz

this quiz is to determine which hogwarts house you would be sorted in. This is not the pottermore version but I studied each house a lot and really got to know each one in depth

I created my own questions and based them off of what I thought each house would choose. I hope that this quiz is accurate and i hope you have a great time at Hogwarts

Created by: S. M.
  1. You are in a duel with someone and they get distracted. what do you do.
  2. on your first day at Hogwarts you receive a howler from your parents. What for?
  3. which magical creature are you most looking forward to learning about at Hogwarts?
  4. if you were to work in the ministry of magic which branch would you work in?
  5. out of these four classes which one would be most enjoyable
  6. which of these transportation methods would you most use
  7. what is your favorite season
  8. which of these subjects would you most get an outstanding in your O.W.Ls
  9. in your opinion what is your favorite harry potter book
  10. which house are you hoping you will get

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