Harry Potter quiz the ultimate

Calling the Potterheads! So do you think you know Harry Potter? This a quiz with a few fine details, see if you are a true Potterhead! O, E, A, P, D or T? What will you get?

What do you know about the Magical world in Britain? This is a pretty short quiz, isn't overly hard so... Go on try the quiz..... Find out how much you know...

Created by: baker
  1. What is Luna Lovegood's patronus?
  2. In Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, whose idea was it to use fake Harry Potters?
  3. Before Harry, who was the rightful owner of the eldar wand?
  4. How long were Dumbledore and Grindelwald friends for?
  5. In Harry Potter and Philosphers stone what was Ron's wand core
  6. and whose wand did Ron's wand belong to?
  7. Molly and Arthur Weasly gave Harry Potter a watch for his 17th birthday. who did it belong to before?
  8. Who does Hermione think is the "half blood prince'?
  9. What is Hermione's favourite subject?
  10. Which of these was NOT a password into Gryfindor tower?
  11. What does the spell "anapneo" do?
  12. What is J.K Rowling's birthday?
  13. What is Hermione's group called that helps house elfs?

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