Harry Potter Quiz

So you think you know Harry Potter. Well step up and get ready to prove to everyone that you really know about everyones favorite young wizard Harry Potter!!!

Do YOU think you know Harry Potter! Well we'll find out in a few minutes if you have the guts to take my quiz! I will warn you it is hard! Let the quiz begin!!!!!!

  1. What is Harrys middle name?
  2. What is the name of the 5th Harry Potter book?
  3. When is Harrys birthday?
  4. What is the name of the house elf Harry frees?
  5. Who wrote the Harry Potter books?
  6. Who teaches History of Magic?
  7. Who is the Quidditch Captain for Ravenclaw in Harrys third year?
  8. In which subject does Harry get an Outstanding in his OWLS?
  9. Who was the Care of Magical Creatures teacher before Hagrid?
  10. In which order do the OWLs grades go from best to worst?

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