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This quiz is about Harry potter. I am gonna ask you some questions related to Harry Potter which should be given correct answers. getting percentage above 50 will be great

Are YOU a true potterhead? Well come on then show some of your knowledge about Harry Potter to us. Take this quiz as a challenge and show us how much you love Harry Potter!!!

Created by: Yashika

  1. Who was the Keeper of The Keys?
  2. In which year did Harry come to know the reason why Voldemort tried to kill his parents or him?
  3. Who was the first person to Breakout from Azkaban
  4. In the Goblet Of Fire Movie, which were the two things which Snape mentioned missing from his cupboard?
  5. With whom did Neville Longbottom go to the Yule Ball?
  6. Pr. Mcgonagall was the teacher of which subject?
  7. Which one of Harry's friends did not believe the truth about Voldemort's return?
  8. Who tried to stealthe Philosopher's stone
  9. from which shop in Diagon Alley do we get books?
  10. Last One Which of the following can destro a Horcrux?

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