Harry Potter Patronus Quiz

I didn't feel like writing results. Yadda yee. Yadda yo. Yadda ya. Yadda yu. I hate cheese. Seriously. I also hate mint, chocolate, and Maximum Ride.

I never felt, my heart, something, my hands, feel strong, but my knees are far too weak. Stand, in your arms, without falling to your feet. Cause there's a

Created by: wolfgrl45

  1. EASY!!!!! What is Harry's patronus?
  2. What is Hermione's patronus?
  3. What is Ron's patronus?
  4. What is Kingsley's patronus?
  5. What is Mr. Weasley's patronus?
  6. What is Dumbledore's patronus?
  7. What is Cho's patronus?
  8. What is Umbridge's patronus?
  9. What is Luna's patronus?
  10. What is Seamus's patronus?

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