Harry Potter female soulmate quiz

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This is a “Your Harry Potter soulmate female edition” so yeah um u might get pansy don’t blame me please I didn’t to s--- it’s just your personality.

and that’s all enjoy yourself.(you don’t have to read this part I just need 37 more letters to fill up bla ble blah bleh beep boop pretend those are actual words.)

Created by: ava
  1. what type of date would you rather have?
  2. If you or your partner had a quidditch match but one of u didn’t show up would y’all be mad with each other?
  3. who would be able too take your girl?
  4. who would be the one that wears the pants in the relationship?
  5. If you guys get into a fight who’s apologizing first?
  6. what’s one thing u hate?
  7. What’s one thing u love
  8. what hogwarts house are you in
  9. Would you still date them if they were muggle born.
  10. Do u think all creatures should be respected and treated equally no matter what?

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