Who is your Harry Potter Soulmate? (Boy edition)

This be a quiz to find out who your Harry Potter Soulmate is! Be informed that all the results are guys, as this is the boys edition. I might do the girls edition next!

After your done, please leave a comment on the comment section! I hope that you can give me some suggestions about what I can change or put in! I hope you like it!

Created by: Ravenclaw4life
  1. Okay let's just get this question out of the way. What is your preferred color?
  2. What house are you in?
  3. Who are your Bff's?
  4. Your are walking the hall to your next class and hear Draco call Hermione a Mud-blood. What do you do?
  5. Pick an animal.
  6. Pick a Patronus.
  7. Now, the battle of Hogwarts has started. What are you doing?
  8. Where are you after the battle of Hogwarts.?
  9. What would you be doing on a typical Saturday?
  10. Last question, did you like this quiz? *No effect*

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Quiz topic: Who is my Harry Potter Soulmate? (Boy edition)