Who's your Harry Potter soulmate?

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Who is your Hogwarts soulmate? Find out here! Make sure to answer all questions with honesty! Who knows who you will get? Pureblood? Muggle-Born? Halfblood?

What family will you get? A Weasley? Potter? Malfoy! So many opportunities! Use your magic within for your answers! Also share this quiz with your friends and fellow wizarding world lovers.

Created by: Maddy
  1. What house are you in??
  2. Which date do you choose?
  3. Are you a Prankster?
  4. Freaky or Vanilla
  5. Fav Professor
  6. Fav Class
  7. Choose a travel form
  8. Choose a pet
  9. Would you become a death eater if your life depends on it.
  10. Choose a Maurder
  11. Are you smart
  12. Choose a Pureblood family

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Quiz topic: Who's my Harry Potter soulmate?