Harry Potter Compatibility (Healthy Relationships)

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Basically, these are who I think you would have a healthy relationship with featuring Fred, George, Cedric, Sirius, Draco, Harry, Ron, and Remus. I would have put more but I was losing it lol.

Have I indeed been sleeping at 6 am to finish this quiz that literally doesn't matter but I put more time into this than my school so here I am disappointing my family. P.S. I say some... out of pocket things so be prepared and you can't sue me so yeah...

Created by: Anna
  1. Let just jump headfirst, what is the love language you like to receive most?
  2. What is the love language you give? (Be honest, we all like to think we give them all)
  3. What fashion aesthetic do you find most attractive and you feel most compatible with (doesn't have to be your own aesthetic)?
  4. How would you classify your humor?
  5. What quality do you value above everything else?
  6. What's your moral alignment?
  7. What qualities do you find personally unattractive?
  8. Part 1: What's your Chinese Zodiac
  9. Part 2: What your Chinese Zodiac sign?
  10. Part 1: What would your Godly Greek parent be? (Artemis doesn't have children)
  11. Part 2: What would your Godly Greek parent be?
  12. Who would you play in a movie?

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