Harry Potter book series quiz

Well, my quiz is on knowledge on Harry potter and those who just watch movies should not take.....if you are a true genius of harry potter then read the books and take me awesome quiz and prove your potter smarts..

ARE YOU A POTTER FAN...A TRUE FAN?! then prove it take my quiz if you score high then you are a true Potter fan plus you do not have Alzeimers.....good for you....so if you knoe Harry Potter put your money where you mouth is.....

Created by: Peter

  1. who was the defense against the dark arts teacher in Harry's 3rd year?
  2. Why does Severous Snape Loath Harry Potter when he first sees him?
  3. what are the 3 deathly hallows?
  4. what does harry do most of the 7th book?
  5. What is a horcurx?
  6. who does Harry marry?
  7. Who does Ron marry?
  8. In, which book does Albus Dumbledore die?
  9. does Hedwig die , if so in which book?
  10. Final question! out of all the Weasleys which die?

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