Are you a Harry Potter fan??

What's Harry Potter?? A very successful serrie of seven book, who puts in the light the story of the eponymus character, Harry, in his try to kill one of the most powerful wizards ever, Voldemort, the one who took the life of Potter's parents...

But how well do you know his story?? Are you fan? A real fan?? Who knows everything about the famous wizard??? Take some minutes of your many and take this quiz to find out!!!

Created by: Fan

  1. What's Harry's enemy's name???
  2. Who was the Half-Blood Prince???
  3. When does Dumbledore die???
  4. When does Sirius Black die???
  5. Who is Harry Potter getting married to in the last book???
  6. What's the seventh book name in the Romanian language?? Harry Potter...
  7. Where does Hermiones sends her parents when she erases their memory and runs away with Harry???
  8. Who dies in the seventh' book's end???
  9. Do Tonks and Lupin have a child???
  10. Does Voldemort ever rape Dumbledore's tumb???

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Quiz topic: Am I a Harry Potter fan??