harry or draco?pt.11!

*sings*this quiz about hp,do you like him,he has agreat scar,that i don't like it so much,this quiz is all about,how much you like that green eye,yeah,

this quiz is about dm too,do you like him oh ofcourse you do,he has nicwe eyes,he has nice hair,he's so awesome!i know this song is too bad,i just wrote for fun!lol!

Created by: dragon

  1. you open your eyes.it's a normal day.but...when you get out of your bed,you see girls are so happy,better to say,they're so crazy!
  2. you ask one of the girl:"sorry but,what's going on in this place!?""IT'S THE BALL!!!!"she shouts happily!
  3. you go down stairs.you see cedrick and his friends(you don't care about his friends!)."hey cedrick,did you hear about the news!?"you ask."ofcourse i heared it!it's cool isn't it!?"he says.
  4. "well,i should go to class."you say and leave the commen room."...
  5. you're on your way into the "defence against the dark arts"class.in the middle of the way,you see ron red as his hair.
  6. you go and ask:"what's wrong ron?""i..i.invited flour..."
  7. "let's go to the class now..."he says."allright."you answer.when you go into the class,you sit beside nevil...
  8. class finished!(nothing cool happend).you look around to find harry/draco."hi.....!"a voice come from your back!it's draco's voice!
  9. "i just wanted to..."
  10. -ask you if you could come to sytherin's commen room and teach me some dark arts!"
  11. "allright,i'll come..."you say.and you walk with draco to commenroom.in the way,you feel draco is so quiet..
  12. you go into slytherin's commenroom,you thought he's gonna invite you but he didn't say anything.you're teaching him some magic tricks!he realy enjoyed it but he didn't say anything about the ball.maybe he doesn't know!you see the clock."wow!it's getting late!i should go now,bye draco!"you say."bye.....!thanks!"he says.
  13. you into your commen room,you're angry!the ball is coming and noone invited you to dance with!....this quiz is finish!sorry that i wrote it late!i didn't have time!

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