Hardest Harry Potter quiz on the planet

Hi. My name is Private eye. And I am pleased to welcome you to my quiz. Do you love Harry Potter? I sure do. People all over the world have been mezmerized by J.K Rowling's amazing story.

Are YOU a Potter-head? Are you worthy enough of this exeptional title? Until this moment,you never knew. Until now,so start answearing questions and find out.

Created by: Private eye

  1. When were the three unforgiveable curses classified as unforgiveable?
  2. What house is Demelza Robins in?
  3. Was Barty Crouch jr. Ever a Defense against the dark arts teacher?
  4. How many kids does Luna Lovegood have?
  5. What is Ginny's partonus?
  6. What is Lockhart's boggart?
  7. What does Dobby's tombstone say?
  8. What color is Dudley's hair?
  9. What is the cursed necklace made of,and who was it intended for?
  10. What house was Ollivander in?
  11. Sirius is the only maruder who is a animagus. True or false?

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