Hardest Animaljam Quiz You'll Ever Take

Some people are very smart, but some may not know any of this. Go and open this quiz and take it. Good luck, and remember, cheaters don't get to take the answers to heart, they CHEAT YOU CHEETAHS!

Do YOU know you're animaljam facts? Do you play everyday enjoying every moment of parties and trading? If you do, then see how well you do on this quiz. Good Luck! (Ok, these first two questions don't matter, and I'm not aloud to take them off, so fell free to just say whatever you want XD)

Created by: Jenna

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  1. How Many Clams Are In Bahari Bay?
  2. What Is The Name On The Boat At The Cruise Ship Party?
  3. How Many Designs Are To Chose From For The Bunny?
  4. Which Word Cannot Be Used According To Animal Jam Dictionary?
  5. Which Name Can Be Displayed 3 Times In Create A Name? (This is an easy one unless you're new)
  6. Which Accessory Is Not In Jam Mart Clothing?
  7. How Many Main Colors Can You Chose From In Colors?
  8. What Combo Makes The Phantom At The Cotton Candy Machine?
  9. How Many Shops Are In Animaljam?
  10. What Do You Think My Username Is?

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