Happy Horrors: A Halloween Quiz

At the time of making this, it’s October First, so I need to be spooky. A not-so spooky story where you control the main character—you—. I hope you enjoy it.

All credit goes to Roblox’s Parwaz Studios Daycare 2, as of you’ve played Daycare 2, you know I must have borrowed some ideas, but I won’t spoil where I borrow the ideas!

Created by: WerewolfSquddi

  1. Your kid-like friend Maria wants to go trick or treating for Halloween. She arrives at your house, and through the door peephole you can see that she is wearing a very tacky werewolf costume.
  2. Strangely, nobody else is on their porch. Maria looks uneasy, “they were out when I left my house, I swear..” then Maria’s eyes go black and she falls down. It takes you a moment to realize that she was hit upside the head with a bat. BANG! Something hard hits your head, and you fall.
  3. You wake up in a test tube. Maria is in one too. A masked figure enters the room and approaches Maria’s tube.
  4. The masked figure presses a button on Maria’s tube. The ears on her werewolf costume dig into her head. She growls in pain. The rest of her costume attaches to her body and her clothing rips off. Maria drops onto all fours, she howls. You know at that instant that your friend is gone, it’s just a wolf. The masked figure gets wolf repellent, lets out Maria, and sprays her with it. She falls down, dead.
  5. The masked figure approaches you..
  6. The masked figure presses a button on your tube.
  7. You screech in pain as you start transforming. What was your costume, and what are you turning into?
  8. The masked figure lets creature-you out of your tube.
  9. He gets out a can of repellent, smiles, and sprays you.
  10. As he sprays you, everything goes dark..

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