Happily ever after!!! (A love story!)

Hey Guys! Ta (THANKS!) for taking this quiz! Right, so you've just moved from England to America, and everything seems normal! You make friends with these...

4 guys, and really hot guys at that! What do you do? What happened to you? And what is the matter with these guys? Rate and comment plz and big TA (THANKS) to Loony Luna, as always!

Created by: alicenjonesbtt of hogwarts
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  1. You've just moved from England to America because your dad has a new job, a very big job.
  2. Your dad is a big boss for one of America's biggest buisness(?) and gets paid LOTS of money. You miss England, but you can't wait for your American dream to begin!
  3. The second day, sunday, you are walking through the mall, looking for a place to hang out with your new mates (If you get any!) A boy comes walking up to you. He's got Jet black hair, hazel eyes, average height, always wearing shorts and loose top with black cap on backwards. He stands in front of you and smiles a super sexy smile. "Hey, what's your name?" He says, smiling even more. You give him a look. What does the look say?
  4. "_____" You say. "Cool, I'll see you round!" He smiles, then starts to walk off. "Wait, I didn't catch yur name!" You shout to him. He turns round and smiles. (He smiles a lot!) "Oh, it's Drake!" He Smile :/, then turns round and walks off. What do you think?
  5. The next day, Monday- First day of school! You walk in to the first lesson, and everyone stops what they're doing and looks at you. Most of them take one look and turn to continue. But lots of the girls smile, (They're probley thinking 'Yey, new friend!') and suprisingly(?), lots of the boys smile as well. And there, with three other hot guys, is Drake. He smiles again at you. (Can't this boy no anything else, though his smile is sooooooo sexy!)
  6. Un/Luckily, the teacher tells you to sit on the table where Drake is. You check out the guys one at a time. Sat on Drake's right is the guy, Ginger hair, green eyes, average height wears chequered top and carries books. His name is Peter. On Drakes Left is another guy, Brown hair, purple eyes, tall, wears loose top and trowsers. He's called Ben. On Ben's left is another guy, Blonde hair, blue eyes, short, wears surfing top and sunglasses. "Hey, what's your name?" You ask him. He looks at you, then turns to look at the others. He lookes kinda scared of saying his name. What do you think?
  7. "Um, my name is... Edward." He says, and all the guys sigh relife. Is this his name, Edward. You hang out with the guys all day, and at dinner you are all sat on the grass talking, when three of the girls that smiled before. "Hey guys, and, dudette!" They say, and two of them sit next to you, and one sits next to Drake, and kisses him!
  8. Drake turns round to you. "Oh ____. This is Taylor, Hannah and Reece." He says, pointing to his girlfriend, then the two girls next to you. So that's there names then! After school, you start to walk home, when ben pulls up in his car. He has the other boys and Taylor (Drakes girlfriend) "Hey,____, wanna lift?" He asks. "Yer sure!" You jump in the back with Drake, Peter and Edward (Taylor is in the passanger seat in the front) Even though there is three seats in the back, you manage to fit in between Edward and Peter. You manage to get a closer look at them. Though Peter is geeky, he acturly looks pretty hot. He turns and and look at you and smiles, even sexier than than Drake.
  9. You look over to Edward. He looks strangely familar(?) to you. His blue eyes fill you with warmth. His blonde hair covering his face leaves you wondering about him. And the way he doesn't speak, just looks.
  10. You look out the window to find that you don't know where you are. You ask Ben "Where're we going Ben?" He looks shocked in the window mirror. You look at everyone else and they look shocked as well, all except for Taylor. "What the hell is going on?!" You yell. The last thing you see before you black out is a flash of blue eyes. CLIFFHANGER! >:D

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