Half Moon:Part 1

Leai: Blonde Chestnut Hair (?), hazel eyes, freckles, skinny, pale skin, tall, wears knee high boots, sweat shirt and skinny jeans. :D ...I hate these things...

Micheal: Brown Hair, blue eyes, regular weight, tanish skin, tall, wears...What ever he finds in his closet? :P I really can't think of anything else...

Created by: LeaiAngelofDeath

  1. (Micheal's POV) I woke up to the sound of my only friend's scream. I got out of bed and hurried outside. There, in front of me was Leai on the ground. I stared at her; She was breathing. I flipped her over and was too shocked to even think. My best and only friend, had become a Half Moon and now part of the DSN group. I didn't speak. Anything I said could either get me killed by a crew of DSN members or Hunt Men, people who looked for DSN members and killed them. Both of them didn't appeal to me so I lifted up Leai and carried her inside.
  2. When Leai's eyes suddenly opened in a flash it startled me. She sat up. Thank God the first thing she saw was me. Anything else would have ended up broken...Or dead. "Welcome back to reality Leai.", I said trying to distract her from her new thoughts. She raised eyebrow,"What the hell happened and why do I feel like utter crap?" -_- There's my Leai. "A hello would be nice." She glared at me but still smiled. "Hello. Now, answer my question." I sat there, trying to think of what to say before she realized what happened. Her eyes widened. Too late. "Leai, don't break my arm..." She twitched. Leai thought the DSN was cool and she liked them. Besides the fact they killed her entire family five months ago. "I won't. I'd rather break some idiot walking down the street's arm than yours." "I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or insult..." She tried to smile. She walked toward the mirror and frowned. "I look like a I got ran over by a steam roller...A now broken steam roller." "Well, what do you expect? I found you on the ground." Leai rolled her eyes. I told her she could go to what used to be my sister's room and fix up a little bit and started making breakfast.
  3. When she came back she looked just like herself again. With silverish hazel eyes that only showed hatred and death. "What you making?", she asked. "Sausage Rolls." Sausage rolls were our favorite food. "If I could, I'd eat Sausage Rolls for Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, and Dinner.", she said peering over my shoulder. "What about desert?", I asked smiling. "Mhm..."
  4. "Pizza?", she said with a funny face. I smiled and said,"Pizza isn't a desert." "And Sausage rolls aren't Snack." "True..." I turned around and continued cooking. Next thing you know, Leai gets a hammer and some blueberries and starts smashing the poor little berries to pieces. Ah, Leai...
  5. 83 Okay, knowing my inability to stop writing, this story will end up being the size of all the Harry Potter books combined and the World's Largest Dictionary...Once again combined. Heck, even this is getting wordy. Well, just skip the rest...
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