Guess the Song!

How well do you know music? Are you a radio geek? Do you constantly listen to CDs? Well, test your knowledge, and see how all of that music listening has left you ;)

Just begin by guessing the song that the lyrics are from, and then move on later to guess the artist of the listed song title. Be sure to have fun too!

Created by: Shannon Lynne

  1. My hearts a stereo, it beats for you so listen close, hear my thoughts in every note (oh oh)..Make me your radio, and turn me up when you feel low, this melody was meant for you, so sing along to my stereo.
  2. You can try to break us, and make us fall apart, but the fire's in our hearts, reminisce on memories cause we're gone, and don't forget to...
  3. So don't go higher, for desire. Put it in your head, baby Hollywood is dead you can find it in yourself.
  4. DJ turn it up-up-up-up-up. DJ turn it up-up-up-up-up.
  5. Kiss me Ki-Ki-Kiss me, infect me with your lovin', fill me with your poison, take me ta-ta-take me, wanna be a victim ready for affection.
  6. Think you are doing good so far?
  7. So keep on movin' like you did last summer when the grass was greener and your hair was longer, if you become familiar with another in town, don't forget about the fun that we had..
  8. Now guess the artist.
  9. Hold My Hand
  10. Innocent
  11. Afraid
  12. Inseparable
  13. You're So Gay

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