Green Day Trivia Quiz!

Welcome to My Green Day quiz! Here you are tested on some facts, lyrics, albums, the band members and MORE! Are you a Green Day nerd or are you just someone that knows all the popular stuff? Take this to find out.

Don't worry - this quiz is not just about dookie or american idiot, basket case or boulevard of broken dreams, This tests EVERYTHING. Lets see if you get it all right.

Created by: Burnout7

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  1. Lets Start off easy...Who are the members of Green Day?
  2. What was Green Day's album released in 1994?
  3. What album did Green Day release in 2004?
  4. Ok, time to make this more difficult...The song Armatage Shankes is on the album...
  5. Complete The Green Day Lyric: "Do you have the time"
  6. What was Green Day's original name?
  7. Who was their original drummer?
  8. Now lets do some song trivia! The song 'One Of My Lies' is on the album...
  9. The Song 'Bang Bang' is on the album...
  10. The song 'Welcome To Paradise' was originally on...
  11. The Song 'At The Library' was on the album
  12. The song 'Dirty Rotten b------s' was on the album...
  13. What was Green Day's first single?
  14. What album did Green Day release in 2005?
  15. Ok final question... Who produced their album 21st century breakdown?

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