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Hey! So this is just a quiz on random Green Day stuff. I got all my information from videos with the members of Green Day and some from just what I know. (That's all little things like album names and such)

Anyways, good luck! Keep in mind that knowing random stuff about a band does not make you a real fan. What makes you a real fan is actually listening to their music. Now go forth and take my quiz!

Created by: crays48

  1. True or false: Tre Cool's real first name is Fred.
  2. True or false: The lead singers name is spelled Billie.
  3. True or false: The characters in Green Day's concept album "21st Century Breakdown" are Christian and Gloria.
  4. What album is Green Day's song "Basket Case" on?
  5. What album is Green Day's song "Angel Blue" on?
  6. What was Green Day's original name?
  7. Why did Green Day write "Wake Me Up When September Ends"?
  8. What is Green Day's most recent album?
  9. What is Green Day's song "21 Guns" about?
  10. How old was the lead singer of Green Day when his dad died?
  11. What year did Green Day form?
  12. Fill in the blanks: Of ( ) and ( ) your blood is surging
  13. What song do the lyrics "To live and not to breathe, is to die in tragedy" belong to/

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