GreekMythology Unit! 🔱

This is a Greek Mythology Quiz for my Class! I hope you Enjoy learning about Greek Mythology!!! There might be a few difficult questions, but that's what learning is for!

If you do well let me know! No matter what Never Give Up! Some gods/goddesses I mention include–Zues, Hera, Apollo, Cronos, Hades, Athena, The 3 Fates, Calypso, and many more! Good luck!

Created by: Mythie244
  1. Is Greek Yogurt actually Greek?
  2. Who is the King of the Gods?
  3. Is Calypso Atlas's Daughter?
  4. Cronos is...
  5. The 3 Fates are...
  6. Athena is the Goddess of...
  7. How many Titans are there?
  8. The Queen of the Gods is...
  9. The God of Death is...
  10. How many of Mother Earth's Childeren were Titanesses?
  11. Who is Father Sky?
  12. There were how many Titans were Mother Earth's children?
  13. Where is Calypso's Prison?
  14. Where is Mount Olympus located?
  15. Did you learn something?

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