I know you will try your highest to make the best possible grade on this test, so please understand that school is important so pay attention and learn as much as possible!

Are you ready to take this fun,quick,extraordinary quiz.I put alot of effort into this quiz so try hard and tell the truth.Besides it's funner that way because the you get to find out who you really are like!

Created by: Kayla Hancock

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  1. If u were to meet Zack in person,what would u do?
  2. If Cody bought u something,what would u buy him?
  3. If Mr.Mosby started yelling at Zack and Cody u would...
  4. If u had a chance to meet Zack or Cody u would rather meet...
  5. Who(or what) do you think is the most popular throughout the world?
  6. If you were Zack,would u rather...
  7. Do u like Cheese doodles or pie?
  8. Hello!!!! What are u doing?
  9. Would u rather have a...
  10. Do u like the suite life on deck better than spongebob?

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