Did you pay attention in High School or do you actually know stuf

High School was a fun time. But to think that the information they teach is actually useful in our economic society, is ridiculous. Its basically a fun and fairly safe place to learn how to fail, without consequences.

Are you really smart? These questions will tell if you have really learned useful things to succeed in this great country we live in. Hopefully you'll learn the corrrect answers to these questions later on in life if you didn't get them right. Good luck.

Created by: Josh Diamond
  1. When replacing your old galvanized steel water supply line with copper, from the meter to the house, what kind of copper should you use?
  2. When trying to anticipate what the average 30 year fixed mortgage rate will do, which of the following is the best indicator?
  3. The "standard" equation for figuring your maximum heart rate is?
  4. The United States has which form of government?
  5. Which type of gas burns the hottest?
  6. The Federal Reserve Bank is owned by who?
  7. What is typically the best season to plant landscaping material?
  8. According to current IRS code, when does a short term capital gain become a long term capital gain?
  9. What is the State Capital of Texas?
  10. When buying unimproved real estate, what percentage should the land cost be compared to the improved lot, once a residential house is completed on the same lot?

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Quiz topic: Did you pay attention in High School or do I actually know stuf