good girlfyyy yoooo

so you think your a goood girlfriend ayy....well take this test we'll see just how great of a girlfriend you reaally you realy have what it takes to be thatt one true girl for that speciall guyyy??!!1

many girls say there a great girlfriend.....truth is they dont noww WTFFF there talking about...stupid brauds think they n everything..see if ur girlfriend material and iff u even wanna bother tryin to get a guy after u take this quiz

Created by: danny

  1. do you often go where your boyfriendwants to go
  2. your boyfriend asks you out to dinner and a movie the same night you promised your best guy friend you'd go over his house, what do you tell your boyfriend?
  3. if your boyfriend just bought you a beautiful coach bag and spent all his money and you saw him looking at a nice pair of shoes for 80$, would youuu
  4. would you rather spend a beautiful day with your boyfried in tthe parkk, or go shopping in the city with your bestfriend and then go see a braodway play?
  5. would you rather stay up till 4 in the morngin arguin with your boyfriend or get drunnk with your friends, have a great night and blow him off
  6. if your fightin with your boyfriend over another guy and that same night that guy said he wants to come over would youu...
  7. would you rather have your boyfriend die before you or after you
  8. if were at your boyfriends football game and he got a concusion on the field woud you..
  9. if you liked another guy would you..
  10. on a rainy day would u rather stay inside on the phone or go outside and roll around in the puddless

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