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Hi im bored and i have come to present this amazing quiz with exquisite spelling which is a rare sight on this website. Here you will discover whether you are the man or girl of my dreams. Im not gay but i dont discriminate so guys take it too maybe you might awaken my gay side

I am a person with too much time on their hands and i dont really mean to be rude with the results but sometimes the truth hurts. Not everyone was cut out to be liked by everyone so get used to it. Have a good day i hope

Created by: Legendskyguy219

  1. Do you watch anime or play video games?
  2. Gay rights?
  3. What are your opinions on donuts
  4. Whats your favorite music genre
  5. Do you play smash bros
  6. How would you describe yourself
  7. What do you do in your free time usually
  8. Do you enjoy school
  9. Would you be open on trying new things
  10. if i told you im thicc what would you say in response?

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