Gonna guess your damn numbers again

Well, I've made one of these before and it did pretty well. It was the perfect number guessing machine...Hopefully this one works just as well. Hehe~?

Now, no fooling around and answering wrong on purpose. I've made this thing fool proof...Wait. If you fool around...Oh, whatever. You know what I mean. The number you guess will be your result.

Created by: Strangeling

  1. Okay! Time to do this again. Because I can. Pick a number one through five!
  2. Okei, let's begin. Is your number odd or even?
  3. Does your number have any curves (2,3,5)
  4. Can your number be multiplied by another (WHOLE) number to equal nine?
  5. Can your number be multiplied by another (WHOLE) number to equal eight?
  6. Is your number a commonly thought number (3,4,5)?
  7. Can your number be written different ways (1,2,3,4)?
  8. Is your number a countdown number (3,5)?
  9. Is your number one of the ABC numbers (1,2,3)?
  10. Is your number one of the first three digits in pi (3,1,4)?
  11. Can you be a player in Wii with your number (1,2,3,4)?
  12. Phew, I'm done. Hopefully I didn't screw this up. Bye!

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Quiz topic: Gonna guess my damn numbers again