GK Quiz for all#2

Welcome into my quiz guys! Do you think that you are a genius? You might be wondering that how much genius you are. Take this quiz if you dare. Come on!

This is a very interesting quiz and you will not find it anywhere. It is just to check your mental ability. If you can then you can take it. Otherwise you can go out.

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

  1. Who designed the Suez Canal?
  2. Who designed the Suez Canal?
  3. What is the chemical name of baking powder?
  4. Who are the parents of a mule?
  5. Which insects live in an apiary?
  6. Name the Antarctica's highest mountain.
  7. Which is the biggest country in the world?
  8. Which is the largest continent in the world?
  9. The only animal that cannot jump is-
  10. Who was the "Black Prince" of England?

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