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There are a lot of people in this world that are smart but can there be geniuses? The answer is yes but people can be one if they are quite exceptional. A genius has a clever mind, can solve any problem and see the world in a different way. Everyone in this world sees a different genius, so see if your one of them.

Are YOU a genius? Do you have the brainpower to take this prestigious title? Are you wondering if you are a genius? Well don't just sit there, take this quiz! You can do it, just use that brain of yours and you will have pure-heart guys!

Created by: Makenzie

  1. What is Michael's favorite food saying?
  2. What is Calum's celeberity crush?
  3. What does Ashton's favorite thing to wear?
  4. What are the color of Luke's Eyes?
  5. What is 5sos's favorite game to play?
  6. What religion does Calum belong in?
  7. How many times does Michael dye his hair?
  8. Who in One Direction is morw friends with 5sos?
  9. What is the bands' favorite sport to play?
  10. Who has the hardest instrument to play?

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