games quiz the ultimate

do you have what it takes to take the challenge. can you be the best of the nest gan you be that game god or just the sidekick. do youthink you have what it takes to challenge me

are you a genius at games well test your skill. warning its going to be hard if youre ujp for a challenge its good for you you will need to know all about games and some general knowledge i hope you do well good luck youll need it

Created by: jabar of best game review
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  1. what was the first game that came out on wii
  2. what year did the xbox 360 come out
  3. what was the first prodouct by nintendo
  4. how much did someone sell an xbox 360 for on ebay (starting bid)
  5. how old is the original nintendi ds
  6. does the ds i have a game boy slot
  7. what year was the first pokemon realessed in
  8. what game was the nintendo making for the olimpics
  9. where is nintendo world
  10. on test drive unlieted can you get to the island with a hotel on it

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