Game of Thrones Quiz

Game of Thrones quiz. Contains some very hard questions so good luck. The first 5 questions are the hardest. The rest won't be too hard or too easy. But still give a challange hopfully.

Some questions relate to the books incase you have not read any of them. Most will be from the TV series as most of you probably have not read the books but for those who have read them I added them in for you.

Created by: Isaac

  1. Who killed Raegar Targaryen?
  2. Who smithed Robert Baratheon's war hammer?
  3. Which of the stark children are wargs?
  4. Who has the best claim to the iron throne? (Before the characters death if applicable)Think carefully for this one!
  5. In the books why did Bran name his wolf Summer?
  6. Who is the biological father of cerceis children.
  7. How much weight did Robert Baratheon gain since the Greyjoy rebellion?
  8. Who is considered the most powerful person in Westeros?
  9. Who has the blood of the dragon?
  10. How did Bran Stark become king?

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