Funny questions; you should ask your friends

Have you watched ' Impractical jokers before?' If you didn't than you should. It's one of the most funniest Tv shows to ever make screen. I've taken these quizzes from 'Impractical Jokers'

Enjoy these funny questions from 'Impractical Joker' and ask your friends. I'm sure they'll laugh aswell, as much as you'll laugh for it, *Hopefully* Ok let's start.

Created by: TayuyaTerra

  1. Alright, let's start: Would you support adult virgins not by choice?
  2. Would you stop discrimination against men with micro-penises, like your dad?lol
  3. Would you sign a petition against b!tch Irene?
  4. Would you sign a petition for people who wants to have sex with a person of their choosing on their birthday?
  5. Would you ban Camel-Toe? Lol
  6. Would you sign a petition for people to date their first cousins?
  7. Would you sign a petition for 'The Public Restromm Masturbation Act' ?
  8. "With space exploration being a multi-billion dollar you have any interest in letting me explore Uranus?" Lol
  9. When people say 'it's hot as balls' How hot is the average ball?
  10. How much should an average male pay for a hand job?
  11. (For Boys) If you were a man, what type of women would you be attracted to? Lol
  12. Would you make love to a robot if it looked just like a human?
  13. How many time do you use technology on the toilet?
  14. Why do b!tches be trippin?
  15. If you found p--- on your moms computer.......would you watch it an see what she's into? Lol
  16. Do you want to see where my umbilical cord was? Lol
  17. (For Girls) How often do you shave your lady moustache?
  18. How many duck rapes should be allowed per year.........considering there's no such thing as duck rape? Lol
  19. How curious is bi-curiouse? Lol
  20. Is pumpernickle bread racist?
  21. How much do you persire during the act of ounces? Lol
  22. Last Question: Would you buy a baby on the black market if the price was fair? Be honest!!

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Quiz topic: Funny questions; you should ask my friends