Does anyone remember when the forums were actually active?

Thread Topic: Does anyone remember when the forums were actually active?

  • biccie Newbie
    Just wanted to see if any of the old users are still here from about 2 or 3 years ago. I wasn't well known but I used to come on this site a lot. It seems like it kinda died and that's a shame, I made a couple of really nice friends on here.
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    FluffyEtini Advanced
    I don’t think that many people knew about me, but I made my first account in 2014. The forums used to be super active back in 2015, but now threads that are days old are still on the front page of the lounge. Many people who were on a few years ago are no longer here, which is kind of sad.
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    bellagirl Advanced
    Things change and we have to adapt
    I don't know must ppl here but I'm gonna try
    I'm off point right?
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    Clara Ford Novice
    The people here are relatively jerks, so good luck with that.
    I'm not, though...But I am currently trying to take over every subject as no one else is here right now. Don't mind me.
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    bellagirl Advanced
    I thought they were nice!!
    Huh...well we're all jerks

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