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    [This is a little out of the ordinary as this roleplay will serve as the backstory to my character from “ we’re of to see the wizard.]

    Angels reside in the celestial realm, at the rule of an all knowing god. Angels are forbidden from interfering in life on earth, however eventually this sparks rebellion in the mind of gods most beloved angel.

    Ask to join.
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    Be civil.
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    Lyazel- God’s most beloved creation, and the eventual leader of the rebellion against god. The oldest of the eight sins. Lyazel was the archangel of joy, and eventually the demon of sorrow.

    ( unless specified information is up to you)
    Sanera- The second oldest of the eight sins, and the angel of patience. Later corrupted into the demon of wrath.

    Lilette- the third oldest of the eight sins, and the healer of the group, originally the angel of chastity, Lilette was corrupted into the demon of lust.

    Via- the fourth oldest of the eight sins, and twin to Aya, Via was a soldier through and through, and the angel of humility. Via was corrupted into the demon of pride.

    Aya- the fifth oldest of the eight sins, and twin to Via, Aya was a soldier, even though it left Aya feeling empty. Aya was originally the angel of abstinence, before being corrupted into the demon of gluttony

    Nene— the sixth oldest of the eight sins, and a messenger angel, they were the angel of kindness before being corrupted into the demon of envy. ( nonbinary)

    Teria- the seventh oldest of the eight sins, and a member of the heavenly choir, they were the angel of charity before being corrupted into the demon of greed.

    Lolene- the youngest of the eight sins. They were the angel of diligence before they were corrupted into the demon of sloth.

    Mikael- The archangel, and the one who kills Lyazel in the second war. Mikael was Lyazel’s secret lover ( if you play Mikael, you must have another character as he isn’t always relevant <3)

    Note: additional angels can be made one the main cast are made.

    I will take one of the leftover sins.

    Personality after corruption:
    Looks after corruption:

    * powers after corruption will be given out by my as they have very specific powers*

    Name: Lyazel
    Gender: Nonbinary
    Virtue: Joy
    Sin: sorrow
    Personality: A peaceful, happy go lucky Angel. Lya was in love with the world, and the love was equally as in love. They were a true beacon of perfection for many, until they began to crack.
    They're a loving older sibling who just wants to protect the people they love the most.
    Looks: Lyazel has long white hair coming to his mid back, and three sets of large white wings. They had pale skin, and bright green eyes. Lyazel wore a halo of glittering gold, decorate with stars.
    Personality after corruption: Lyazel still cares for their siblings, more than anything, however the joy they once held is stolen away until they are a sorrowful person, living a tragic life.
    Looks after corruption: Lyazel has many scars littering their body fro the war. Long black horns, protrude and then twist to look like thin ram horns, and their once beautiful white wings have faded to black, while the bottom set of wings only show bone. Lyazel has black runes all Over their limbs.
    Other: yes, this is sin
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    Easter Newbie
    Can I join as Sanera?
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Oh my god can I join as Lilette and Lolene (if I can't have two I'd rather have Lilette)
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    You can both join as those characters.
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    Yoi Morgan Advanced
    May I have Lyazel?
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    I’m playing Lyazel, sorry.
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    Mused Jade Advanced
    Can I be Via and Mikael?
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Of course!
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced
    Thank you! I'll make my cs now.

    Name: Sanera
    Gender: Female
    Virtue: Patience
    Sin: Wrath
    Personality: Calm, collected, logical and thoughtful.
    Looks: Wavy light blue hair like water, soft gray eyes, and two sets of fluffy blue wings. She has a gray elephant pin in her hair.
    Personality after corruption: Snappish, destructive, and easily angered. Even though she still cares about others, she's less lenient and gentle with them.
    Looks after corruption: Closely cropped hair, sharply angled gray wings, stormy gray eyes. She's still recognizable, but only by appearance and the elephant pin she subconsciously keeps.
    Other: In her corrupted form, she has two swords. In her original form, she had two flowers.
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    Mused Jade Advanced
    (I'll make mine tomorrow ❤)
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    Mused Jade Advanced
    Name: Via
    Gender: Female
    Virtue: Humility
    Sin: Pride
    Personality: Via would lay down her life for her siblings. This is a trait that never left her. She would willfully put others before herself, even if that meant potential death, or loss.
    Looks: Via had short, white hair that had gold threads weaved in. She wore a simple white tunic, and brown sandals. She also wore a golden bracelet of fig leaves. She would keep her wings hidden, so she gave off the appearance of a human.
    Personality after corruption: After corruption Via became heartless and arrogant. She tries to control it, but it doesn't always work sometimes. She will act like she is the best of the best, and sometimes get to carried away. There are times when humility does shine through, but not often.
    Looks after corruption: After corruption Via's hair grew out, and the golden threads in her hair shone bright. Her eyes now a bright iridescent blue, could pierce through anyone's soul. Her outfit is now light armor, that is gold and white, while her wings protrude from her back. She had two sets on her back.
    Other: She does carry and long-sword that is enscirbed in the angelic tongue.
    (I'm not sure how to go about Mikaels character sheet. Should I just use the same format?)
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Lilette
    Gender: Female
    Virtue: Chastity
    Sin: Lust
    Personality: Shy, easily flustered, and anxious all the time. She questions and overthinks everything she does, because she so badly wants to please everyone and make everyone happy
    Looks: Pastel pink hair that's curly and soft, light brown skin, and pink eyes. She wears drapey/comfy clothes that are definitely too large for her, just so that she can stay covered up.
    Personality after corruption: Still anxious all the time, she constantly wants to please everyone so she does so by flirting and toying around with people so that the atmosphere can be lighthearted
    Looks after corruption: Her eyes are black and only turn pink again when she sees something she really likes, her hair is now a dark magenta, and she wears cloaks and shawls as a cover up, but not much else
    Other: She gets cold easily, that's why she wore big warm clothes as an angel and she snuggles close to people as a corrupted angel. Gambling is also her guilty pleasure, it distracts her anxious mind
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Lolene
    Gender: Male (Call him Len)
    Virtue: Diligence
    Sin: Sloth
    Personality: Workaholic bástard, very stressed all the time, induces stress all the time, always working on something, the type to get shít done and strategize like a boss. He can also be very obsessive and knowledgeable on nonimportant things. Len talks too much. He wants his siblings to take him seriously cause he feels like no one does because he's the youngest
    Looks: Neatly parted bowl cut hairstyle, dark purple hair, a golden greek god-type leaf crown, golden yellow eyes, and two sets of wings
    Personality after corruption: It's like he's... given up on everything. He's more nihilistic than pessimistic, though. He's still obssessed with totally useless things, but on the rare occasion he has the energy to hold up a conversation he rambles about them like a demented person. The change in Lolene was drastic and irreversible, like taking a lit torch and letting it sink to the bottom of the ocean.
    Looks after corruption: Dark purple hair that hair grown out and is very messy. His eyes are pale yellow, like the passion in him has dimmed. Sometimes they're so pale that it looks like he has no irises at all.
    Other: Forgot to mention that Lilette has one set of wings, oops
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    S_E_ Senior
    Could I potentially be Nene?

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