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    Once there was an artifact called the Crystal Heart that could create whatever world the user could ever want and even create an entire galaxy if they wanted. Long ago, the three elders of the universe used this to create everything from gas giants, dwarf planets, and everything in between. However, soon they fought amoungst themselves, arguing over who could create a better world with the heart. Soon they fought and ended up destroying themselves and shattering the heart into five pieces scattered all over their universe. In the present day of 116 CR galactic year, a very powerful and very dangerous space warlock is on the cusp of finding the location of all five heart pieces. If he finds them, he will use them to recreate the universe in his own image and that can't happen. C1 on the planet Kaon, a well known spaceport planet, has found out about this from a local oracle that is never wrong. He travels to one of the spaceports to find some people who can help him find the pieces. C2-5 have offered to help him out for a bit of a heavy price but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. Hopefully it will go well

    In case you're curious, science fantasy is basically where you can have fantasy elements like magic, dragons and orcs interacting in a science fiction setting. An example would be if you have an orc, he would act like a normal orc in normal fantasy except he would have a laser rifle and a robot that knows magic spells by his side, if that makes sense.


    Ask to join
    No overpowered characters
    No god-modding
    There will be a turn order so don't complain about it going slow
    When picking a species, you can either be normal fantasy races like elves or alien species from different media. You can make up your own if you want but you'll have to describe it

    Character Sheet:

    Role: (C1-5)
    Name: (First and Last)
    Age: (Early 20s-late 30s)
    Home Planet: (Cannot be Earth, even if human)
    Bio: (Optional)
    Other: (Optional)

    I call C1 but if someone else wants it then I can be flexible.

    I'll make a post about the classes to chose from in a minute.
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    Classes to chose:

    Bard- Bards are capable of combat and magic. They usually use specially made instruments to do this. The instruments are typically ones that are portable like string or woodwind kinds, but some have been know to carry percussion. Their use of magic is usually limited to healing or stat boosts but some have risen to other kinds of magic

    Medic- Medics, as the name implies, are healers of the galaxy. Healers are typically robots and use either magic or technology to heal anyone. They don't carry many powerful weapons but they can carry some means of defense if necessary.

    Bounty Hunter- Bounty Hunters aren't people to be taken lightly. Typically armed with blasters and other long ranged weapons, they will usually find the bounty they are looking for if the price if right. While not all bounty hunters are evil, most are very tenacious and stubborn. Good allies to have though.

    Thief- Thieves are usually considered scum and no one wants to deal with them. They have been known to use light-weight weaponry and to be very stealthy and dexterous. You'll usually find thieves in either wealthy places or markets.

    Fighter- Fighters are typically humans and are versatile, weapons-oriented warriors who fight using skill, strategy and tactics. They usually have lightsabers as a main weapon and sometimes an energy shield but not always.

    Wizard- These are masters of the mystic arts taught by the books they often read. They can't use healing magic that much but they have many spells at their disposal to help in most situations

    Spiritual One- The Spiritual Ones are beings that have a very special kind of magic. By focusing their mind, they can achieve feats that would stun even people who have seen it all. They claim it is because of an all seeing force called The Power. For this reason, they don't use any weapons, only their minds. Only those with the sound mind and body to train in this power can become this class and there aren't a lot of them

    Space Pirate- Space Pirates are a lot like Bounty Hunters except they don't work for someone else, usually. They tend to be part of a crew and seldom on their own. Not all are evil, but they can't all be trusted either. Use extreme caution when talking to one.

    Now there can be more than one person who is the same class. The only exception is The Special One class because they're very rare in this universe to the point most don't believe they exist.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Hoi can i join?
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    Yes, I would love to have you.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Role: 4
    Name: Shurukan Wyvren
    Age: 34
    Gender: male
    Species: Drakin(large semi aquatic bipedal lizards, with didgigrade legs, long tails, large dorsal plates, and bioluminesent markings)
    Home Planet: Aquion
    Class: bounty hunter
    Appearance: large flat head with short spines on his lower jaw and brow bone. Tall with a heavy build, and dark brown scales. (Ill draw him eventually)
    Clothes: wears open backed plate armor usually, with loose cloth pants.
    Weapons: preferred weapon is a scout rifle type blaster, but will use just about any weapon in a pinch
    Personality: Shurukan is stubborn, often refusing to listen to others advice when it is given and refuses to leave a job unfinished. If he doesnt like something, he will not hesitate to point it out.
    Other: this guy is based on my lizard that died a little bit ago
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    Role: C1
    Name: Angelo Kassian
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Home Planet: Kaon
    Class: Fighter
    Appearance: Short brown hair, white skin, green eyes, tall, slender build
    Clothes: Full plate and chain armor covering a brown shirt and blue pants, black boots
    Weapons: Orange lightsaber, energy shield built into his left gauntlet, small pistol blaster just in case the saber is lost
    Personality: Kind, friendly, impatient, always willing to help, brave, reckless, a bit of a Leeroy Jenkins
    Other: He has a small creature called a drake that sits on his shoulder named Brendal.

    Sorry about your pet Pheonix.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Its fine, he was old so i was expecting it. Also im working on drawing Shurukan and ive realised i accidently made him look like the iguana godzilla
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    Ah don't worry. Zilla needs love anyway.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    need to find my pen before i can finish him but heres Shurukan
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    S_E_ Senior
    Please this looks amazing
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    Yes, you may be in it.
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    S_E_ Senior
    Role: C 3
    Name: Kreilo Johban
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Species: Drubian (Pretty much humanoid)
    Home Planet: Druban
    Class: Space Pirate
    Appearance: Yellow skin with green markings, green eyes, and long red hair. Thin but muscular.
    Clothes: Usually tighter tops with baggier pants and boots
    Weapons: Midsized blaster but she carries a pocket knife just in case
    Personality: She's tough and loves danger. This can cause her to be reckless, which she is 100% unapologetic for.
    Bio: She became a pirate when she was thirteen after running off with a pirate her father associated with. She hasn't been home since.
    Other: I love her :)
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Roboticlus please let me join as a bard
    I promise I will not disappoint >:) hehehe, mwahaha
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    Do it, girl.
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Role: C2
    Name: Arsoni Kingston
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half-tiefling
    Home Planet: Kaon
    Class: Bard
    Appearance: Mid-tone skin, slightly reddish. She has two horns, one of which is broken. A non-prehensile tail, dark maroon eyes, and long black hair
    Clothes: Tights usually coupled with a baggy short, a big jacket, or a sweater. All dark colors, though she likes to include red or maroon bits and accessories
    Weapons: A violin bow that doubles as a sword, and a violin that she plays to heighten stats, heal, and thwack enemies
    Personality: Even though she may not look it, she's sensitive and sees the goodness in everything. She often overthinks everything and gets emotional at the dumbest and most unimportant stuff
    Other: She moved around a lot as a kid and doesn't really know anything about Koan

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