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    The avatar cycle starts and ends as it always has. The sun has set on the water tribes hero, and now it is time for the Earth kingdom’s fated avatar to shine.
    Unrest remains in the population of the world, some have begun to question the avatar. Mostly this is shown in whispers in the streets, or unspoken beliefs, but recently a group have taken to the streets, a belief that they need a new hero.
    Our story takes place in republic city, a city of benders , non-benders and spirits alike. Our characters come together after becoming victim to an attack by a group of religious fanatics.
    Finding themselves caught up, they must work together to fix the city and the world they love.

    Name: Sio
    Nickname/s: The avatar
    Age: 14
    Gender: female
    Occupation: The avatar
    Nationality: (i.e. Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom etc) Earth kingdom
    Abilities: Sio is a semi-skilled dancer, she has very little training, since from the moment she first presented as the avatar she was unable to continue her dance training, but she retains her flexibility and agility due to continued practice.

    Bending: As the avatar, Sio has the potential to bend all four elements, she is a skilled earth bender, though she struggles with water bending. She has shown potential for metal-bending and is training to try lava bending. She is learning a seismic sense.
    Non-Bending: she’s extremely flexible and agilie, but that’s about it.
    Appearance: I will actually be drawing her.

    Physical features: (hair, eyes, skin, build etc) Sio has dark hair, and green eyes. Her skin is rather dark for an earth kingdom citizen bu this is due to her grandparents being water tribe immigrants. She’s very slight, but is building more muscle.
    Height: 4’10
    Weight: a little bit under average.
    Standard clothing: (what they wear all the time) I will show in the drawing
    Defining features: (scars, burns, piercings, tattoos, signature accessories etc) nothing yet
    Other outfits: (like disguises or P.J’s.) —
    Personality : Sio is a very friendly girl, she’s kind and a bit of a chatterbox. She’s very insecure however, and believes that she is the weakest avatar to ever exist. Sio isn’t all that mature and can struggle to make decisions, however she is somewhat emotionally mature, to an extent.

    Good Traits/Habits: green thumb, friendly, honest,
    Bad Traits/Habits: insecure, struggles to make decisions.
    Likes: tea, cake and plants.
    Dislikes: ice cream , soda and dolphin fish,
    Talents: dancing
    Hobbies: also dancing
    Strengths: earth bending, and people skills
    Weaknesses: self confidence and water bending
    Fears: Failing to live up to previous avatars.
    Biography: Born to a wealthy family in the earth kingdom, Sio was entered into a dance academy the minute she expressed an interest, she was known for her dancing until she was eight. When she was eight, it was realised that she was the avatar, and so she was taken in by the white lotus who began to try and train her, but unlike Korra, it seemed learning from teachers handpicked by the white lotus p would not do good for the young girl and so she was sent to find her own, eventually ending up in republic city.
    Extra Information:

    Main goal: (what is their mission in life) : To balance the four nations and bring unity.
    Hopes/Dreams: (different to main goal because what they want and what they have to do are not necessarily the same thing) to achieve something that makes her memorable.
    Colour: green
    Season: spring
    Theme song: (Come on you know you want to):

    Nationality: (i.e. Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom etc)

    Bending: (if not a bender skip down to non bending below. If they are a bender then what is their style and do they specialise in a substyle, i.e. metal-bending, lighting-bending etc?)
    Non-Bending: (If non-Bending what are their special fighting skills? i.e. fans, swords, hand to hand. Additionally even a bender can have non-bending fighting skills too)

    Physical features: (hair, eyes, skin, build etc)
    Standard clothing: (what they wear all the time)
    Defining features: (scars, burns, piercings, tattoos, signature accessories etc)
    Other outfits: (like disguises or P.J’s.)

    Good Traits/Habits:
    Bad Traits/Habits:


    Main goal: (what is their mission in life)
    Hopes/Dreams: (different to main goal because what they want and what they have to do are not necessarily the same thing)
    Theme song: (Come on you know you want to)

    Rules: ask to join
    No overpowered oc’s please.
    Have fun
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    OwO can I join

    (Help I ate a cake)
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    S_E_ Senior
    Please please please
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    How about me?
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Yes to all 3 of you.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Name: Weaver Hakarin
    Nickname/s: none
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Occupation: Tailor
    Nationality: water tribe
    Abilities:he's really good at making clothes, but that's about it.

    Bending: water-bender
    Non-Bending: is surprisingly good with a rapier

    Physical features: Long black hair, solid blue eyes, light skin
    Height: 4"1'
    Weight: 121
    Standard clothing: a loose white shirt and brown pants with many pockets
    Defining features: his left ear is pierced in several places, and he typically has sewing nettles in the holes. His eyes are completely blue, due to him being born blind
    Other outfits: nope
    Personality: Weaver is a little shy, but is otherwise very friendly and helpfull

    Good Traits/Habits:he is hard working, and never leaves a project unfinished. Has an 'eye' for detail
    Bad Traits/Habits: he tends to leave his needles out where people can find them the hard way :/. Often forgets to sleep and or eat
    Likes: the sound of the ocean, cuddling, sewing.
    Dislikes: being rushed, others trying to force him to do something, people judging him for being blind
    Talents: making great clothes
    Hobbies: he collects bird feathers, because he likes the way they feel.
    Strengths: people skills, bartering
    Weaknesses: he needs help finding his way around areas he doesn't normally hang out
    Fears: being alone for long periods of time, silence

    Biography: Weaver is the oldest child of 3 siblings, his two younger siblings being Helia and Netl. His parents arnt very fond of him, due to his blindness and also his chosen profession. He doesn't have a lot of contact with his family other then Netl

    Main goal: to run a massive clothing store
    Hopes/Dreams: that his parents will stop hating him
    Colour: teal
    Season: winter
    Theme song: doesn't have one yet
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    Name: Cobalt Antimony
    Nickname/s: None
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Scientist
    Nationality: Fire Nation
    Abilities: Nothing too extraordinary, though he has good upper body strength

    Bending: None
    Non-Bending: He isn't much of a fighter but he does have two gauntlets he created to simulate fire bending. Right now they only act as flamethrowers and they tend to run out of fuel. When this happens, he resorts to using a hammer and hit-and-run tactics to deal with enemies.

    Physical features: Short, black hair, yellow eyes, tanned skin, average build with some muscle,
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Standard clothing: Red tunic with dark long sleeves that stop at his elbows, long brown pants, black boots, glasses
    Defining features: None
    Other outfits: He does sleep in a light red shirt and pants to match
    Personality: Cobalt is rather cowardly individual, preferring to hide or hit-and-run during battle. However he is kind and has a heart of gold along with determination and stubbornness in his goals

    Good Traits/Habits: Smart, inventive, kind, helpful
    Bad Traits/Habits: Cowardly, stubborn
    Likes: New discoveries, helping someone, being respected
    Dislikes: his inventions failing
    Talents: Mineral identification, chemistry, invention making
    Hobbies: Study, reading, drawing plans for inventions
    Strengths: Problem solving, persuasive talk
    Weaknesses: Physical brawls, his gauntlet's fuel supply
    Fears: Being seen as a joke or letting people down
    Biography: Cobalt is the son of a man who would find worthless gems and rocks and pass them off as far more valuable items. He didn't like doing this so he would often disguise himself and tell people the truth of the gems in his dad's store. Eventually, his dad found out and sent him to a place to learn fire bending to stop him. Unfortunately, he was terrible at it, not even getting basic bending down at all. This made him think of an idea to try and make an artificial way to bend the elements. Cobalt then dropped out and started studying to make different machines for everyone

    Main goal: Create an artificial way to bend the elements
    Hopes/Dreams: To not be seen as a failure
    Color: Orange
    Season: Summer
    Theme song: Brass Goggles by Steam Powered Giraffe

    (I hope this is good.)
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Phoenix all good!

    I love him , the only thing I’m confused about is you said he’s a non-bender, yet he was sent to learn firebending? I’m a little confused.
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    I’m also going to have to insist that he isn’t able to find an artificial way to bend the elements because of what it entails,if you’re okay with his goal failing?
    If you’re not okay with that I might suggest changing you’re goal?

    Other than that he sounds adorable
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    Well, he was sent because his dad wanted to get rid of him so he wouldn't ruin his business. He can't do any kind of fire bending because it was too confusing. Also, I'm totally okay with him not figuring out how to make artificial bending. I was intending on it anyway.
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    S_E_ Senior
    I can't post a character sheet right now, but I will in the morning.

    I'm also curious about time period?
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    For the fashion?
    Late 70’s early 2000 I’d say?
    Pretty much just the same as LoK.
    For tech early 2000.
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    S_E_ Senior
    Bro are you getting late 70's-early 200's from Lok???? I always got steampunk 20's but that could just be me lol.

    I'll make my sheet tonight
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    S_E_ Senior
    Name: Aki
    Nickname/s: N/A but feel free to have your characters come up with some
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Student I guess
    Nationality: Fire Nation, but her mother is from the water tribe
    Abilities: She's surprisingly good at climbing things

    Bending: Up until recently she and her family thought she was a non-bender, but they recently found out she can firebend, so she's just starting to learn(and isn't very good)
    Non-Bending: She has some basic self defense training from when she was younger, but that's about it.
    Appearance: (Everyone else left this blank so..?)

    Physical features: Long black hair and light tan skin, brown eyes.
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: Uhhh average?
    Standard clothing: She dresses nicely but practically
    Defining features:
    Other outfits:
    Personality: Aki is kinda shy, and is definitely a bookworm. She's a little afraid to speak her mind sometimes but is trying to be more assertive.

    Good Traits/Habits: She likes to know the facts before jumping into something blindly
    Bad Traits/Habits: She hesitates to act or speak often and sometimes things turn out terribly
    Likes: Books, tea, music, having a warm bed to sleep in every night
    Dislikes: Lots of fast-paced action, uncertainty, loud people
    Talents: She's exceptionally smart because she had access to higher education
    Hobbies: Reading, learning, and spending time outside... Short amounts of time...
    Strengths: She's usually calm and level-headed
    Weaknesses: She underestimates herself and can be too timid to act.
    Fears: Not being good enough for people, getting kidnapped or lost on her own.

    Biography: As the daughter of a Firenation nobleman who married a woman from a rich family in the Northern Water Tribe, Aki grew up in the lap of luxury. While it was believed that she wasn't a bender, her twin sister showed signs of being a strong waterbender and was always praised as the stronger child. Her sister and mother are currently in the Northern Water Tribe while her sister trains, and Aki and her father are on a trip to Republic City to visit an old friend of his.

    Main goal: To prove herself as a strong individual who doesn't need constant protection
    Hopes/Dreams: To master firebending and become a professor in Republic City
    Colour: Reddish pink
    Season: Spring
    Theme song: You're right I do want to but it's late and I'm tired :(

    I've actually had this OC for awhile now and it's cool to finally be able to use her! (Albeit in slightly different circumstances)
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