The Longest Roleplay in Existence

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Thread Topic: The Longest Roleplay in Existence

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    S_E_ Senior
    Name: Cacea
    Gender: Female
    Age: Immortal
    Species: uhhh we'll figure that one out as we go
    Franchise: Mine
    Class: U
    Looks: She's mostly invisible, but kinda translucent, so even though anyone with a keen eye can tell she's there, it's hard to tell what she looks like
    Powers: She can make herself fully invisible, she levitates, and she can teleport.
    Weaknesses: Invisibility is the pretty bad sometimes.
    Weapons: None
    Personality: She's optimistic and always strives to see the best in others, but often makes up her mind too quickly which can lead to disastrous consequences.
    Bio: We'll also figure that one out
    Other: She's a mentor character so I'll probably just come and go
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    Name: Logan The Dragon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Species: Anthropomorphic Dragon
    Franchise: Sonic The Hedgehog
    Class: FB
    Looks: (The second picture)
    Wears: Aside from the scarf in the picture, he only wears brown, strapped sandals
    Powers: Flight, above average strength, fire breath, He is the only one in Team Horizon who can use Chaos Control (Teleportation) with a Chaos Emerald, he can also use this with groups of people. If he uses all seven Chaos Emeralds, he will become Super Logan, A near invincible state where he can fly at speeds of Mach 3 and defeat godlike enemies
    Weaknesses: His strength isn't limitless, even while flying (he isn't Superman), like Sonic, he needs rings to keep from dying, without a Chaos Emerald, he can't teleport far with Chaos Control, nor can he do it with outher people, When he does become Super Logan, he can only stay that way for a limited amount of time, depending on the number of rings he has
    Weapons: None
    Personality: Good natured, calm, strong willed, sometimes a bit gullible and he doesn't understand earthly customs due to his culture, but he likes to learn.
    Bio: Logan lived in a hidden kingdom high above the clouds with other dragons. He heard about the distresses that a so called Dr. Eggman was causing and unlike the rest of his kind, decided to do something and help. He met Eska The Artic Wolf while working in the branch of The Resistance she worked for. Soon they both met Jack The Vulture and made Team Horizon.
    Other: Don't mess with his girlfriend

    Name: Jessie Kelder (aka: The Magnificent Owl)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Franchise: Miraculous Ladybug
    Class: FB
    Looks: Jessie has short, dark brown hair and hazel colored eyes. His hair is in a straight yet messy style, hardly needs to comb it. He is tall and of average bulk with white skin
    Wears: He wears long sleeve shirts that look like he's wearing two shirts which usually have skulls or stripes on them along with blue jeans and black sneakers of random brands. He does wear a wrist band with his miraculous on it.
    Powers: As Owl, he can glide for great distances if he jumps off a large building and this gliding is silent. He also has enhanced hearing and night vision
    Weaknesses: If his miraculous is stolen from him, he can't become Owl
    Weapons: A whip (he only has this as the Owl)
    Personality: He is very nice and friendly and usually gives encouraging words to his friends. He doesn't really like seeing people sad, due to his parents having depression after his sister's suicide so he will try and cheer them up. He knows he can't help everyone but that doesn't stop him from trying
    Bio: Jesse was just a normal person living in America with no aspirations to be anything but an animator. He moved to France three years ago following the suicide of his older sister and attended Françoise Dupont High School. One day, he found what he assumed was a normal wristband and it was revealed to be a vessel of a creature that would make him a hero. Now he fights to make the world better as The Magnificent Owl
    Other: His Kwami is named Hootle

    Name: Black Pearl
    Gender: Genderless (Identifies as Male)
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Gem
    Franchise: Steven Universe
    Class: FB
    Looks: (He's the shorter one. The tall guy is his Diamond)
    Wears: It's in the picture
    Powers: He can summon spears from his gem and project holographic pictures, his robotic arm can fire a laser blast from the palm, his arm can also transform into a tazer if needed, he has impressive durability for a gem like him and so long as his gem doesn't get destroyed, he'll regenerate if his body
    Weaknesses: Due to robotic modifications, he can't transform like other gems, nor can he fuse, these robot parts also don't disappear like the rest of his body when it is destroyed, so in order to regen properly, those parts must be placed back on him, otherwise his body becomes unstable and will just continually try and fail to regen
    Weapons: Unless his arm and spears count, he doesn't have any
    Personality: He is loyal, trustworthy, doesn't have much of a defined personality due to brain damage, speaks more in a matter-of-fact kind of way and has trouble expressing emotion
    Bio: Black Pearl used to be part of a pair of Pearls that served under a lesser Diamond known as Black Diamond and he was known as Black Pearl 1. His diamond was assigned to go to Earth with Pink Diamond to help her establish a colony on Earth, without her knowledge. As time went on, Black Diamond grew to love Earth and he ordered his only Kindergarden to be destroyed. However, a titanic battle ensued between those loyal to the other diamonds and those loyal to Black Diamond. While Black Diamond's side was the winner, a number of his troops including Black Pearl 2 were destroyed. And during the battle, Black Pearl was shot in his gem and it chipped a piece off and it was never recovered. To prevent becoming unstable, Gem scientists Emerald and Amber constructed a robotic face plate and eye along with a shoulder and arm on his right side. While this saved his life, it gave him amnesia and he can't remember anything other than he had a second Pearl brother, Black Diamond is his master and Emerald and Amber saved his life.
    Other: I am aware that there are no cyborg Gems in the canon of Steven Universe, but it's my character and I'll do what I want
  • Name: Felecity "Lissy" Swan

    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Species: Human
    Franchise: My Own
    Class: AO, U
    Looks: Felicity is very short, only 4,7, and weighs 93 pounds. Her crystal blue eyes are filled with a deep wisdom beyond her years. Her strawberry blonde hair is curly and goes down to her shoulders, almost always down. She has tanned skin and rose-red lips. She has small ears and a long nose, and is of a slightly graceful, athletic build, though she is a little slender.
    Wears: Unknown
    Powers: (if any) Can read people's emotions and motives, can tell if someone is lying or a traitor. (Don't know if there's a name for that.)
    Weaknesses: (if any) Has to have eye contact with the person she is reading, can only do it if the person doesn't have a mind shield in place.
    Weapons: (if any) None
    Personality: Lissy is very happy-go-lucky, as her name sugests. She is very smart, and loves to read everything she can, including people. She is an observer, never saying much, but takes in a lot more than it may seem. Sometimes she will blurt out things in a conversation. She is a little socially awkward, and sometimes annoyingly optomistic.
    Bio: Unknown
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot

    ^ proper reference art for Erratum
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Madam Hitanaku
    Gender: Female
    Age: A lady never reveals her age
    Species: Descendant of the hecatoncheires (100 armed creatures)
    Franchise: Greek mythology
    Class: AO
    Looks: 7'2 feet tall, 12 arms in all but she keeps 2 or 4 hidden most of the time, she has a 'third eye' but it's actually just a tattoo on her forehead, she a is a little thick (zaftig is a good word for it), she has purple eyes and dark brown hair
    Wears: Drapey fabric, lots of jewelry and accessories, wears dark and cool colors, some charms (like herbs or gems she might wear as necklaces or bracelets)
    Powers: Clairvoyance, creation magic, temporary necromancy
    Weaknesses: Some of her visions are so obscure that she might interpret them wrong. She gets a pain in her stomache everytime she sees a vision, and when she sees a vision that she needs to make come to pass (gathering chosen ones, for example) her head will hurt until she completes her task.
    Weapons: She can summon a long staff with an obsidian gem on the end of it that will help her concentrate her magic (and she can thwack foes with it hehe)
    Personality: She's always been mature and calm, dutiful, and filled with a sense of purpose and responsibility.
    Bio: She is a disciple of Hecate (goddess of magic, the moon, witchcraft, ghosts, and necromancy). Whenever there was no Oracle of Delphi (the oracle powers are passed down randomly through the generations, when one died it might take days or years for another to be born) then Hitanaku would literally fill in for her. She was blessed by both Apollo and Hecate with her magical abilities, immortality (to some extent), and clairvoyance
    Other: Big tall dodeca-armed fortuneteller lady
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Name: Ah.. uhh.. for now let's called him Caleb
    Gender: Male
    Age: About 8 at the moment
    Species: Human with powers
    Franchise: My own
    Class: U
    Wears: Same as above
    Powers: De-aging. He can't go forward though, only backward. Let's say he turns 21, then he de-ages back to 12. He has to wait 9 years to be 21 again.
    Weaknesses: He's a human essentially (if you don't count the power to de-age) so just give him a good stab I guess.
    Weapons: Knives galore, he keeps a collection. Definitely a "guns are too informal" kind of guy
    Personality: Fúcking crazy, childish, acts innocent but he really isn't, victimizes himself, deceitful, stubborn, snarky, knows exactly how to get to you
    Bio: He's the leader of a gang and he's not afraid to call up some goons to beat some áss or get him sweets. He's also a drug dealer.
    Other: He's literally the main villain in the story I'm making so y'all are in for a handful
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    katqueen45 Senior
    This is the last one I swear

    Name: Lilian Weeping
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Species: Ghoul
    Franchise: My own
    Class: AO
    Looks: Gray skin, black eyes, long black hair (with a slight half shave like a 1/4 shave), sharp nails, sharp teeth, eyebags
    Wears: All black things, never any skirts though. Her pants usually have lots of straps and chains, she likes platform shoes and heels, fingerless gloves, the classic badáss
    Powers: Shapeshifting, fading into shadows
    Weaknesses: Holy water, salt
    Weapons: Two guns
    Personality: Quiet, kind of intimidating. After you get to know her though she's actually hella nice and a good friend. Good at strategizing and tricking people, very loyal
    Bio: Everytime she smiles it seems sad. She says a prayer for every person or thing she has to kill. More to be revealed later I suppose
    Other: I want to draw her but it's almost midnight for Pete's sake and I got school tomorrow smh
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot

    Name: Azure
    Gender: male
    Age: 16
    Species: Dracoraptor
    Franchise: my own
    Class: ao
    Looks: like this, more art of him can be found in the same place
    Wears: he's a lizard
    Powers: Cute.
    Weaknesses: he gets scared easily, doesn't like fighting, smoll
    Weapons: he headbutt real good
    Personality: he is pretty much a puppy.
    Bio: got adopted by some humans when he hatched, and was raised as a family pet. Has training as a therapy animal
    Other: mah boi
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    Can we start now?
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    katqueen45 Senior
    (Yes!! Long overdue, and I apologize for that. I'll start us off, and the order will be created on a first come first serve basis and then we'll stick with whatever order we create.)

    Madam Hitanaku quietly sips her cup of tea. She is waiting on the intrepid heroes she'd just summoned... Not summoned summoned, but Hitanaku had actually written notes and sent them to the chosen ones for this mission she'd seen in her visions.

    Little did Hitanaku know, Lilian was already in the designated meet-up spot. She was hiding amongst the shadows, waiting for others to show up so she could observe and whatnot.

    Caleb was making good business today. Already he sold a few bags of dope and even a magic mushroom to this one weird character named Pete, and it wasn't even midday yet. He went back to his hideout for a little down time and Caleb's second in command, Jax (rad ass 16 year old), goes up to his side and immediately gives him a status report. "Boss, some of our men weren't following your instructions and they lost some territory in the west," Jax says stoically. Caleb tsks and shakes his head. "Round 'em up and set fire to their families' homes," Caleb instructs. Jax nods. "You've also recieved a letter from a Ms. Hitanaku, but none of us know how she found out how to contact you," Jax says, handing Caleb the envelope. Caleb regards it curiously.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Azure arived at the meeting spot looking a little confused, the creature warbling softly as he looked around.

    Captain snarled as he drove his katana through an enemies stomach, shoving them away and turning to decapitate another as Erratum landed on a roof nearby. "hey boss, you've got a letter" the Hyzanilk said, watching Captain fight with a slight smirk as he hunched over. Captain snarled in annoyance as he dispatched the final soldier and turned to look up at the larger creature. "Well then give it here" he snapped, narrowing his eyesockets as a grin spread across Erratums face.
    "let me have those corpses and I'll give it to yah" Erratum said almost mockingly, causing Captain to scowl. "Fine, now give it." Erratum made a rattling hiss sound and hopped off the roof, landing near Captain and handing him the letter before turning to the corpses. Captain looked the letter over with a mildly confused expression
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    Team Horizon were all sitting on a beach, enjoying a small vacation in the Emerald Coast. Logan was laying on the sand with his girlfriend, Eska. He said "What a great day. I can't believe we're finally here on vacation. It's so much fun to get some rest from adventures." Eska said "I know, right? It's so nice. The sun, the waves..." Logan interrupted, put his arm on her shoulder and said "My lady." She giggled and said "My man." They were just about to kiss when Jack showed up and said "Hey guys." surprising them both. Logan said "What the heck, Jack? This was a private moment." "I know, but this came for you." Jack said, handing Logan a letter. Logan took it and Jack said "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to help Cottage. Charles somehow got his arm stuck in the sink at the beach house." Then Jack left.

    Jessie and Hootle had made their way to the meet up spot and Jessie said "Hello, is anyone here yet?"

    Black Pearl was in the laboratory of Emerald and Amber, watching them work. He couldn't explain it but for whatever reason he liked to watch them work. However, he knew they didn't liked to be disturbed as well so he just let them be. Suddenly Onyx came in and said "Hey, BP. Letter for you." Black Pearl took the letter and thought that this was odd. He had never received parchment before, so why now?
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
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    S_E_ Senior
    "Well well well, what have we here?" Cacea asked, appearing beside Hitanaku. "We're busy today, aren't we?" She sighed as she floated around. "I've been spending too much time around the new characters. It's dreadful. No backstory whatsoever." She stopped, looking at Hitanaku. "Can I help you?"
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot

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