No Room for Heroes Anymore

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Thread Topic: No Room for Heroes Anymore

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    (Actually, I'm the one who misunderstood. I didn't know that's what you meant by reality warper)

    Solar Flare asked "How do you guys know this stuff?" He then remembered and said "You know what, never mind."
  • Farrah reached out and placed a hand on Solar's shoulder. "I try not to follow it. It's all nonsense anyway." she said with a smile in his direction.
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    Energy put his hand out, “ once I have desposed of them...I may stick around to help with your...other vermin.”


    Nathaniel had returned back to how home, where he began to practice more with his full ability, rather than the single aspect he preferred,
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    Prism shook Energy's hand and said "Good deal, my friend. Good to have you back."

    Finn brought Cassidy to his apartment and they started talking. Cassidy said "You know, I noticed that every time we caused destruction, you want to help me like the old days, yet you said you don't consider your teammates, friends. Do you have an explanation?" Finn stayed silent.

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