No Room for Heroes Anymore

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Thread Topic: No Room for Heroes Anymore

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    It's 20XX (Insert numbers there, it's the future, who gives a f---) and crime is rampant. Self-appointed 'heroes' scatter in an attempt to put an end to their charades, jailing thugs and gangs left and right. Every day, more and more criminals are put to jail and/or executed. It's time for old villains to step back up from retirement and show the younger crowd how it's done around here.

    We will play as villains who were all once very well known super villains coming out of 'retirement' so-to-speak.
    The starting city is New Dallas, a city thriving with wealth, poverty, drugs, sex, and slime balls ready to squeeze every penny they can out of you.

    Character Sheet:
    Name (First, Last, Middle):
    Villain Name:
    Age (min 25):
    Power (Please be reasonable, keep it to one power.):
    Villain Uniform:
    Casual Wear:
    Physical Looks:
    Brief Backstory:
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    Isabel Star Advanced
    May I join?
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Me too?
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    Isabel Star Advanced
    Name: Piers Riddle Malimon
    Villain Name: Famine
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Power: By touching people, he can make them die by speeding up the dehydration/starvation process.
    Villain Uniform: A large dusty trenchcoat and bandages that cover his arms, legs, and neck.
    Casual Wear: A t-shirt and jeans, still with the bandages.
    Physical Looks: White messy hair, red eyes, fair skin and very tall.
    Brief Backstory: Kinda crazy, retired because fighting heroes and killing people had lost its edge. Came out of hiding to show the younger villians what true villainy is like.
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    Isabel Star Advanced
    I'll probably add more details in a second I'm a bit rushed
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    Name: Finn Allen Warren
    Villain Name: Infinite
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Power: Thanks to a space gem implanted in his chest, he can take control of people's visual and depth perception to feed false information to the brain creating a new reality for them or create illusory places and entities that feel real.
    Villain Uniform: Jackal mask, gray hoodie, black jeans, white and black boots
    Casual Wear: Green hoodie, black jeans, black boots
    Physical Looks: White skin, one blue eye, one hazel eye, tall, skinny, medium length black hair
    Brief Backstory: Finn grew up in an average family, so average in fact that it was very boring. He got so bored that when he was 13, he decided to jazz his life up by stealing from a gas station. This stayed until her graduated school at 17, until he decided he wanted to rob someone's house. It was there when the robbery went wrong that he killed his victim and liked it. Before long, he became part of a group of mercenaries for hire at the age of 20. The last job they had was a defense for an illegal drug smuggling ring. The cops found out about it and busted in. Finn and the mercs tried to defend it but all for them except him and his best friend were killed. He escaped but the friend and most of the smugglers were arrested. Finn was depressed and spent most of his money getting plastered a bar out of depression. One day, he was walking home drunk and saw a meteor crash into a nearby field. Being drunk he walked to the meteor and touched it. There was a flash and he passed out. When he woke up, the meteor was gone and a gem was implanted in his chest. He figured out his powers and used them on the police force that arrested his friend and killed his other friends. He used this power afterwards to rob places and killed anyone in his way. When he was 25, he figured he had enough and went to a secluded location and retired.

    Sorry about the long backstory, had a lot to explain.
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    Isabel Star Advanced
    No it's pretty awesome tbh

    Hold on let me clean up my own character real quick

    Villain Uniform: A large dusty brown trench coat with frayed edges, a white scarf that covers his mouth and hangs to about his knees. Under the coat is a shirt with a F painted on it. Bandages all over his body that ends at his neck, his fingers, and his ankles.

    Physical Looks: Naturally white and extremely messy hair, red eyes and very pale skin. Because he's albino, his eyes are sensitive to light so he does most of his work at night, and when he's out during the day he wears sunglasses. About 6 feet tall and is almost always grinning.

    Brief Backstory: He was born with albinism, which made him a target for a lot of bullying when he was younger. One day he snapped, and killed one of his bullies, and found that it actually felt really good. He went on to kill seven or eight kids and was finally caught and given the death penalty. He was used for an experiment since he was going to go onto death row anyway and ended up with his weird powers. He escaped, killing anyone along the way, and went on to become a well known super villain. Eventually though he got bored of killing everyone, and went into hiding, but that itch to kill kept growing...
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Name (First, Last, Middle): Akumu Kosai Scott
    Villain Name: NightTerror
    Age (min 25): 45
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: bi
    Power (Please be reasonable, keep it to one power.): Shape Shifting
    Villain Uniform: loose fitting black shirt and dress pants with a blach trench coat
    Casual Wear: dark coloured dress shirts and pants
    Physical Looks: he is most commonly seen in the form of a tall human with black hair and a single glowing blue eye. His other most common form is [url/ The easiest way to find him if he has shape shifted into something is his eye, as it is tge only constant between all his forms
    Brief Backstory: Akumu was born human, and was raised in a small town in alaska. He had a fairly normal life, amd graduated from collage with a masters in genetic engineering. This is where things started getting weird. Akumu wanted to make a more powerful human, one that would take over the world. And his main lab rat? Himself. He believed that he should be the one to take control of the (in his eyes) dieing world, and lead it to glory. However, several years down the line he was reported for 'unethical experiments' and was ordered to stop his work. Of course he ignored the order and the government had to take action, but by then it was too late. Akumu, through his experiments, had managed to convert his body into a new type of energy, that allowed him to take the form of anything he wished. Using the power, and his natural charisma, he started trying to manipulate politicians and people of higher standing to his side, and crushing anything that he decided was unfit for his new world. After a while he decided to cut himself off from the world, taking his followers and retreating deep underground
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    (Alright, we can start now. There won't be a turn order unless we need one.)

    A long time ago, Finn had little to worry about. He retired from a world where crime could not be stopped. Not by police or by heroes. With everyone being free to do whatever, there was hardly a need for his illusions anymore.
    However, recently, there have been some wannabe vigilantes who are disrupting this order by capturing these cowardly robbers and drug addicts and thinking they can make a difference. He thought for a moment and decided it was time he showed them what true evil looks like. And to show them what it really takes to be Infinite.
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    Isabel Star Advanced
    Piers walked through the streets, looking around for someone to kill out of boredom, when he saw a robbery being thwarted by a 'hero'. He watched in fascinated curiosity as the hero quickly captured the sad-looking villain. 'What could this be? Is this what villainy is these days?' he wondered. A grin split across his face. "Maybe I'll just have to fix that." he mumbled aloud.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Akumu hummed softly as he watched the screen in front of him, a tendril of black liquid extending from his back and holding the remote. He frowned and sat up as footage of a few 'heroes' stopping a robbery. He huffed in annoyance and dropped tge remote as he stood up, the tendril sinking back into him as he stood up. "I do believe it is time to make another attempt" he said with a smirk as he started walking
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    Finn thought about his old acquaintances, Famine and NightTerror. He wondered what they might be doing. He grabbed his phone to see if he still had their numbers. He saw them and started to text them.

    ---New Group Message Started Monday, 11:20, 2066---
    Infinite: This is Infinite, calling to Famine and NightTerror. If either of you see this and want to talk, meet me at the local coffee shop.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Akumu felt his phone go off and pulled it out of his pocket, smiling as he looked at the message. He started walking in a different direction as he sent a text to one of his followers to tell them he would be gone for abit. He entered a large underground garage and hummed, trying to decide which car to take

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