Stuck With Each Other [Literate/Semi-Literate Roleplay]

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Thread Topic: Stuck With Each Other [Literate/Semi-Literate Roleplay]

  • If so, can you rewrite your character? They can either be a demon hunter or a halfdemon(no full demons atm), and if they are a halfdemon they can have ONE. POWER. They can have two weapons I suppose, but not crazy ones.
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    Name- Jackson
    Age- 17
    Gender- Male
    Sexuality- straight
    Appearance-Blood red eyes and Ice blue and white hair (mixed hair). Tall and muscular, with a scar that goes from the eyelid down to the cheek. Wears some chainmail and leather armour and a hoodie and a grey jean. Wears a ninja mask
    Personality- doesn’t like to talk much but cares about innocence people
    History- Jackson was born with Lightning powers, his only elemental power(every time he uses it, it will drain his energy but he can drink blood to recover more faster otherwise he will recover more slower) and healing powers(unfortunately heals others only bit he can't heal himself so it is a gift to others but not himself). His mother loved him and protected him from harm but his father wanted to use him as a weapon for war and they both argued and had a divorce. Then one day,monsters slaughtered his mother in the massacre of Tylon (small village) and then he escaped into the battlefield in the country of Delivon ( is this allowed ??) and hide under the bloody corpses and was saved by a kind general when he was eight .From that day on, He trained to be a powerful, ruthless and cruel warrior to save those innocence people who needed help even tho those people ridiculed him and humiliate him.
    Weapons- A Silver shortsword with with an enchantment to return to it’s owner and a enchantment that unless given permission by owner, no one can’t wield or hold or touch
    Twin Obsidian katana with symbols on the blade and the hilt and an enchantment of sharpness 3 which just by pressing the sharp blade, your hand will get cut and bleed and when it touched blood, the first blade will glows with a blue-white aura(basically does nothing but glow and the second blade glows with a red and black aura and the blades can be fused into one blade or twin connected blades with both of the hilt fused together with one blade facing upward and one facing down
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    Is this allowed(waiting for permission) if not then I will modify the character's weapons and abilities
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    August If this isn’t suitable, I’m happy to help Runner create a more suiting character, if that would help?
    Runner, you didn’t answer whether Jackson is a half-demon, or a hunter.
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    He is a half demon and pls don't remove the twin obsidian katanas and others you can change but pls don't remove the katanas
  • It looks fine to me - you can keep the katanas if you get rid of the short sword. Deal?
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    Can I just nitpick a little?
    Sharpness 3 in Minecraft is an enchantment because of mechanics, but in realmlife / anything else that’s just sharpening your blade, so maybe the enchantment is to prevent the sword from going dull as opposed to a Minecraft enchantment?

    And I just want to clarify, just brushing against the sword will cut somebody?
    And I’m guessing this is skin contact only?
    Just need to know.
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    Sure, i will throw away the short sword and the enchantment is to make the blade sharper and so the edge of the blade is so sharp that brushing against the blade will get you cut and only the owner does not cause he is the one who wields it
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    so August, are we starting from you again or are we starting from runner?
  • uh, we can start with runner and see what happens
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    ok then ?

    He walked towards the hall with cautious and looked around and heard voices in the hall and walked towards the place where the voices had came from.
  • Alex looked up, suddenly alert. "Babe, I think someone might be in the mansion." he said, a bit shocked. How could someone have gotten in? The black magic he was known for covered his arm, forming claws. "Didn't you say it was protected?"

    i'm tired of fighting im just gonna roll with it))
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    Ganz hissed and fire flicked through his mane before he ran out of the room to go find the threat, his marking glowing brightly
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    Chris had a coy smile, as his traps sprung in the room that Jackson had appeared in.
    Spikes shot up from the floor, coated in a special paralytic agent.
    Notably the traps would only be sprung by an unwelcome guest, and the only reason the other unwelcome guests hadn’t sprung them was because of evans protection. Something this intruder did not have.
    Chris followed Ganz and aimed his gun directly at the young man.

    “You better start exposing why your eyes in my house, before I send you back to hell.” The hale hunter said voice cold.
    Eliza covered her body in stone.
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    Eva looked confused but she followed Ganz quickly staying close to him

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