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Thread Topic: Professor Quiet Spirit's School for Super Beings

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    Magie Magic Senior
    Okay I will join. It will take a while to make my character cards though. If I don't make them tonight, I won't be able to tomorrow. So they will most likely be done on Monday.
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    Anti Hero:

    Hero or Villain Name: Tiara
    Real Name: Tiana Harper
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Species: Wolf/Human Hybrid
    Sexuality: straight
    Costume: Same as pic
    Street Clothes: Normally crop tops and jeans
    Powers: Retractible claws, increased senses, super strength, and can communicate with wolves.
    Weakness: She can't bare to see a wolf get hurt.
    Alignment: Neutral
    Personality: Unpredictable, protective of people she cares about, seductive, loyal, skilled, sometimes creepy, charming, quick thinking, resourceful, witty, bold, and brave.
    Likes: fighting, torchure, sex, nature, freedom, grace, dancing, and organization.
    Dislikes: Restrictions, limits, rules, people being helpless, being helpless, being depended on, depending on others, and being trapped.
    Fears: small spaces, being abondoned, trusting people and being betrayed.
    Bio: Her step father was an alien who didn't like his step daughter being a week human. He wanted her to grow stronger. So he spliced her DNA with that of a dead wolf pup. The wolf took over her brain and killed her stepfather and mother before running out to the forest where the pack recognized the scent and accepted her into the pack. The wolf pup's part of her thoughts died from what killed It's body. By the time she had full control of her brain, three years have passed and Tiana was six. She had no memory of her human parents. When her wolf mother died, her heart broke to learn she wasn't a real wolf. Just a wolf Hybrid. Now she works hard to try and find out who her human parents are. Unknown to her is that they died from her own claws.
    Other: She has claustrophobia.
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    Magie Magic Senior
    Can I make a Villian that is a love interest for one of the girl heroes?
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    Magie Magic Senior
    I haven't decided who though. None of the girl heroes seem interested in villians.
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    Well al the female heroes are straight so you could make a male villain.
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    Magie Magic Senior
    (Ugh... I was halfway through making a card when my computer erased it... Now I must start over.)
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    Magie Magic Senior

    Hero or Villain Name: Chard
    Real Name: Danny Spark
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Species: Demon
    Sexuality: Straight
    Costume: Same as pic
    Street Clothes: Normally a dark coloured hoodie and jeans
    Powers: can control fire, hormones, and can perform spells with blood and memories.
    Weakness: He can't kill anyone because if he kills he will go to the after life that person was meant to go to and that person would come back to life. He also has an obsession with children and will never harm one or let one be harmed in his presence.
    Alignment: Evil
    Personality: Charming, clever, smart, logical, reasonable, patient, honest, funny, seductive, bold, dramatic, and sometimes rude. He often disregaurds other's well being and feelings to protect or benefit his own.
    Likes: Making girls fall for him, children, torturing men physically, and emotionally, torturing himself physically, torturing girls sexually, and helping children.
    Dislikes: Chaos, noise, crowds, corny stuff, and children getting hurt.
    Fears: Killing a child, falling in love,
    Bio: A child once died and wanted to reincarnate to a magical being. So they gave Chard their soul in exchange for powers. They took his body and he took theirs. Then they used his very powerful magic to send him back to earth. A fellow demon gave Chard powers, with the condition of trading souls with anyone he kills. Chard accepts, making it his personal code not to kill children so that none of the other demons get resurrected. He wants to play with the humans alone.
    Other: He loves bubbly girls and finds them adorable. They are his favourite victims.
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    Magie Magic Senior

    Hero or Villain Name: Venom
    Real Name: Scarlet Tang
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Species: Gorgon (Half woman half snake)/Human
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Appearance: As Gorgon: As Human:
    Costume: Gorgon picture
    Street Clothes: Human Picture
    Powers: She can heal poisons, diseases, and intoxication through kissing because of a her one of a kind healing snake venom. She can turn from human to human snake Hybrid. Super strength as Gorgon. And increased senses as human.
    Weakness: She is invulnerable as Gorgon because of her super strength. However as a human she is nearly defenceless. This is why she learns martial arts. As a Gorgon, she is weak to cold because since she is part reptile she slows down in the cold.
    Alignment: Good
    Personality: Kind, clever, brave, classy, sassy, determined, stubborn, and caring.
    Likes: Making people laugh, music, dancing, singing, children, warmth, and glory.
    Dislikes: Loosing, the sound of crying, the sight of blood, unfairness, cold, and bullying.
    Fears: Blood, the cold, and loosing.
    Bio: Her mother came from another planet to visit Earth. She was a scientist who came to research the planet. She got injured when the ship crashed and was nursed back to health by Scarlet's human father. The Gorgon's culture made it so the Gorgon had to do whatever the human wanted for the rest of the week in return for saving their life. So he spent the week helping her do her research and taught her about humans. He fell in love with her, and they had a child. However, her mother died when she was seven. An Earth disease was too much for her.
    Other: The only memory Scarlet has of her mother was the last time she saw her. She was in a bed, bleeding vastly through the nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. That's why she has a phobia of seeing blood.
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    (Okay, I'm not sure if Mac or ello are going to make more characters, and I'm getting tired of waiting. I'm gonna start it and there is no turn order.)

    (We're starting the day our characters are leaving home to go to the school. A rocket ship bus is supposed to pick them up at there home because the school is in the sky. Kinda like Sky High.)

    Britanna and Drake were getting ready to leave their home for the school they were accepted into. Britanna said "Isn't this exciting? We get to go to a school that will teach us to be heroes." "Yeah, teach you to be a hero. I'm the villain here." Drake responded. Britanna said "Oh come on sourpuss, you never know. Maybe you will be a hero." Drake appreciated his sister's optimism but he was more realistic and he knew he wouldn't be a hero.

    Gideon was sound asleep in his bed until his grandfather woke him up and said "Get up lazybones. You'll be late for school."
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    Magie Magic Senior
    Tiana brushed her hair as her foster mother made her breakfast. Tiana was excited to go to her new school. She wasn't able to return to her pack. But at least she would be around others like her.

    Danny played with some fire, making it dance around his fingers as he waited at the bus stop.

    Scarlet packed her stuff and got dressed in a golden dress like her usual black one and took her black umbrella. She pulled on black dress shoes and grabbed her suitcase before leaving her house.
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    ello Advanced
    Hero or Villain Name: Tyranny
    Real Name:James Killborne
    Age: (15-18)17
    Species: (Can be an alien)Human
    Appearance: user image
    user image
    Street Clothes: a suit
    Powers: (4 max)Shape-shifting, element manipulation through certain objects
    Weakness: Concentrated Light
    Alignment: (Good, Neutral, Evil)Evil
    Personality:Cold, calculated
    Likes: Burning stuff
    Dislikes: Cheesy life lessons
    Fears: His father
    Bio: Comes from a rich family. His mother died when he was a child, so he lives with his father and the staff of the mansion.
    Other: (Optional) Usually has a plan

    Hero or Villain Name: Dark Shifter
    Real Name: Ichigo Kurosaki
    Age: (15-18)17
    Species: (Can be an alien)ghost
    Appearance :

    Street Clothes:black hoodie, white Nike's, black jeans
    Powers: (4 max) can shoot energy from sword , rather fast
    Weakness: other ghosts
    Alignment: (Good, Neutral, Evil)neutral
    Personality: jokester
    Dislikes: robots
    Fears: heros
    Bio: he killed hinself
    Other: (Optional)
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    ello Advanced
    Hero or Villain Name: Sweetheart
    Real Name: Patrica James
    Age: (15-18)16
    Species: (Can be an alien)candy

    Street Clothes:
    Powers: (4 max) can woo any foe
    Weakness: if they woo back
    Alignment: (Good, Neutral, Evil) good
    Likes: good stuff
    Dislikes:bad stuff
    Fears:really bad stuff
    Other: (Optional)
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    (I can't tell if your joking or not, but if you're serious then take your turn anytime.)

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