What day do you go to church?

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Thread Topic: What day do you go to church?

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    What day do you go to church? I go on Saturday.
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    Are you Adventist or whatever its called?

    I go to on Fridays and Saturdays, but, just for singing, and rehearsals and stuff. I'm part of the choir so that's why. But mainly, I go to Church on Sundays.
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    Oh. Btw, it's not an Adventist, it's sort of Jewish, but then again, not exactly, because we don't do the whole 'no meat and dairy together'. We call ourselves Christian.
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    Mac1014 Experienced
    Sunday , I go to church maybe once a month
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    2kan Advanced
    I never go to church.
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  • Stardust1 Novice
    I used to go to church on Saturday, but now I go on Sundays.
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    Really? That's neat.
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    The Geek Expert
    messianic judaism, not even once
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    RelevantNerdist Experienced
    i go to church every f---ing sunday

    praise the lord

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