What does your username mean?

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Thread Topic: What does your username mean?

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    Nakita Experienced
    A wolf OC of mine. Although his name was spelled with two K's.
  • glitter Novice
    Well, mine has a looooooot behind it, let's just say it reminds me that I'm a star and I shimmer and shine, just like glitter!
  • maxy Newbie
    my user name reminds me of whom i wanna be and will always be maxy.. maxy is the hardworking girl that builds every brick to make my dreams come to real life even if i got sour bleeding hands
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    Even though I'm not crazy about old threads being brought up, but I have to admit my old answer made me giggle. x3
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    madid Experienced
    My nickname and last initial
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    Mistyheart13 Novice
    My user name is what my warrior name would be if i was a warrior cat, plus my lucky number so put them together you get mistyheart-3... also foggyeyes11 sounds cool...
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    Sisi Advanced
    This is the nickname I used to be called by my grandma and by my friends. :)
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    It just came to me I guess
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    Purple used to be my favorite color.
    I was the first to introduce my friend to cherries.
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    Viktor Junior
    It is my nickname,and I think Viktor in underworld is epic awesome.
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    Sage Parson Novice
    My HP fan character. Though I wish I could change it...
  • secret8 Novice
    Well 8 is my lucky number and since nobody on gtq knows who i am, im secret! @Appa: i love the hichhickers guide to the galaxy. Its funny. especially the bit at the end where marvin says the ship commited suicide! It might not seem funny now but when your watching/reading it, it is funny!
  • Sockhat Newbie
    It means Beanie Hat, But i've always called them sockhats!
  • Stratus Newbie
    Stratus means Dark low clouds.
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    SWAGGIRL Novice
    It means I have swg lol

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