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    Paige_ Senior
    Are there any users that you see yourself in? If so, do you talk to them?

    Are there users that may not be like you, but like another user? Do they interact?

    *When I say like I don't mean exact copies. We all have our differences

    What about in real life? Does their similarity to you draw you to them, or away from them?

    Perhaps a fictional character? How do you feel about said character?

    And is there a difference in your answers? Are you more comforted by the fictional character, but afraid of the person you see yourself in? Is it the opposite way around? Do you only talk to the online person? But hate the character and other person in real life?
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    NeonSpectere Experienced
    I'll answer my own questions

    Personally, I don't see a user that I think I'm too alike with. However, I do see aspects of me in different users. Not really anything grand, but sometimes I do avoid people because I like being friends with people who are different than me.

    Irl, I honestly don't know anyone besides my dad who I'm really like. I do enjoy being around him, but because of good ol' daddy issues, I want to strangle him sometimes.

    I don't really relate to a lot of characters because I don't really watch TV, but I do see resemblances in Yang from RWBY and me. But I always called her "the better version of me who I want to be". While she has anger problems, we differ in a lot of ways. She seems to overcome her problems lmao. But I never found a character where I was like "THAT'S LITERALLY ME". But I do find comfort in Yang.
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    ChameleonLeap Experienced
    I see parts of myself in everyone, but I don’t think anyone on this site is super close to how I act.

    I haven’t seen any fictional characters that are like me yet
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    dragonsfire Senior
    I've been told I'm like a mixture of Spice and Rayne on here, as far as users go.

    For IRL, I haven't met a single soul like me. Like, sure there's similarities, same interests, things like that, but I haven't met anyone that could be my twin, or anything. Same thing for fictional characters.
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    Tuzi Newbie
    On GTQ I'm a mix of June, Cham, and Tat.

    On the fictional character side I'm a mix of Usagi, Rei, and Ami.
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    Honestly, I really see myself in Cham based on how she and I both act personality-wise. They way we talk are pretty similar too, but we both have our differences, like how I talk formally when I’m upset, and Cham uses a lot of acronyms and abbreviations.

    In real life, I really relate to my best friend, IMR. In many ways, I’m just like him. IMR has the same sense of humor and interests as I do and I think that’s why we’re such good friends.

    I don’t relate to any fictional characters that I can recall at the moment.
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    ChameleonLeap Experienced

    Yups, Ellie is prolly the closest in terms of like-

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    ChameleonLeap Experienced
    Like we’re both in Texas for one 😂
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    Spice Novice
    I've always seen Ellie and Cham as the lizard gorls

    I think I'm a mixture of Cham, Ellie, and Tat? With a dash of June lol

    In real life and in fiction, not really. I'm one of a kind
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    Trustbane Novice
    Little bit of Draco Michaelis. We speak pretty much the same way, with periods every time. The only difference is that they say "ok" and I say "okay." Other than that, nothing's different.

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