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  • "Also, I may disappear bc I'm kinda distracted, know its not personal"
  • "No its cool I better be paid in candy or I will throw some serious hands lol"
  • "I was gonna ask if you were all going as them Idk, depends on what the family is doing. They want to do something for the littl"
  • "That's so cool!"
  • poopy butt
    "So much cringe poetry- No wonder I was the runt of the group"
  • poopy butt
    "Wait nvm you don't really know the main protagonist This is what it was; "
  • poopy butt
    "It's worse than I remember- Eh, f--- it"
  • poopy butt
    "I wrote a horror poem a while ago, if I can find it maybe I'll put enter it It isnt good but it's something ig"
  • "Sorry, the toph inspired outfit intrigued me What are you planning on doing?"
  • "Ooo"
  • poopy butt
    "pag says autocannibalism is in have fun kids :)"
  • poopy butt
    "I had to rewrite the appreciation thing because I clicked the (I'm not NeonSpectere) thing and it logged me out"
  • Appreciation Thread
    "and thank you egg"
  • Appreciation Thread
    "Emy- You're so sweet and strong. You fight for what you believe is right, and that's a very admirable trait. Please don't forget how awesome..."
  • poopy butt
    " She's done all these horrible things that nobody seems to care about"

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