What is a good coping method?

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Thread Topic: What is a good coping method?

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    DarkIsTheCat Advanced
    After spending many nights wanting to talk about something and knowing that I shouldn't let the words escape myself, I've been trying to find a new coping mechanism. The only problem is that I don't know where to start.

    Usually, I:
    -Sleep for hours, because nothing can go wrong when you're asleep
    -Post on a "secret" account
    -Complain to someone willing to listen

    I'm afraid that I don't like these options anymore. They're not helpful, and they make me feel even worse about my problems. (Note: I don't have the time or money for a therapist.)

    Are there any other viable options to help me keep myself calm?
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    you can

    focus on breathing well
    cry it out/rage it out/sleep it out but only to the amount you need
    spend time outside even if for 5 mins
    talk to a friend, hell even a pet, or maybe one of your gtq peeps
    create stuff like drawings or poems
    drink tea
    change mindset

    hope some of these help
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    Thank you for this list, I plan to try some of these!
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    meditation really does help
    you may also try mindful meditation with a script like this one, or if you're on the go somewhere and can't sit down to meditate, you could try some of the techniques listed here to bring yourself down
    I know you didn't say anything about suicidal thoughts, but I thought it'd be a good idea to leave this here for you as well so that you can make sure you have a plan for if the feelings become too overwhelming. it's easy enough to say "I'll just do this when I get upset" but having actual words to refer to and guide you through a crisis can be very helpful

    (on a more personal note, if you find yourself in a panic attack and need someone to talk to in order to distract you from the attack, you have my discord. don't be afraid to reach out in times like that; I won't feel bothered)

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